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USA: Perversa Poliser Ofredar Kvinnor och Visar Könsorganen för Allmänheten

"Masturberande polis stalkade kvinna genom stan i sin bil." Flygplatspoliser filmade när de hade sex med prostituerade och delade sedan filmerna i sin filmklubb. Poliser våldtog kvinnor. - Detta och mer polisunderhållning finns i en video om den senaste veckans korrupta polishistorier i USA...
2015-09-26 Information liberation
A California police officer charged earlier this year with raping a woman while on duty, has been fired by the San Jose Police Department, officials said Thursday.

Officer Geoffrey Evatt Graves, 40, has been in jail since March when a judge held him over for trial on charges that he sexually assaulted an unidentified and undocumented immigrant woman in a motel room two years ago.

Prosecutors say Graves responded with other officers to a September 22, 2013 disturbance call at a San Jose home where the woman was in a drunken argument with her husband. No violence had occurred but the woman wanted to spend the night in a motel where she worked as a maid.

Graves reportedly waited for a second officer to leave before going to the woman’s room and raping her. DNA evidence later found on the officers bulletproof vest appears to corroborate sexual contact, investigators say.

Graves had been on paid leave receiving approximately $40,000 of his $98,000 annual salary since his March arrest – which followed a five-month Internal Affairs investigation. [...]
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Publicerades den 17 sep. 2015 ron johnson
A San Jose police sergeant who allegedly masturbated in his car and exposed himself in front of a woman in Redwood City earlier this month has been placed on paid administrative leave, authorities said today.
James Rainey Mason, 48, of San Carlos, has been charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure and committing a lewd act in public, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

Mason has been a San Jose police sergeant for the past 13 years and is on paid administrative leave, police Officer Albert Morales said.

On Sept. 4 around 5:15 p.m., a 39-year-old woman was walking on a sidewalk in the 1200 block of Woodside Road where she saw a parked car and a man in the driver’s seat allegedly exposing himself and masturbating, Wagstaffe said.

The woman turned around and continued walking, but the driver moved the vehicle and parked again ahead of the woman, according to Wagstaffe.

She said he was still exposed and she took photos of him from her cellphone, but he noticed what she was doing and drove away, Wagstaffe said.

The woman notified police, who obtained a suspect description and the photos, according to Wagstaffe.

Investigators ran a check of the vehicle’s license plate number captured in one of the images and learned the car was registered to Mason, Wagstaffe said.

Police obtained his picture through the state Department of Motor Vehicles and the woman identified Mason through a photo line-up, according to Wagstaffe.

On Friday, Mason was arrested and booked into county jail, but quickly posted $15,000 bail, Wagstaffe said.

Mason is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 14.


Drunk Cop Tased & Arrested for Going for His Gun After Sexually Assaulting Multiple Women in Hotel
2015-09-25 The Free Thought Project
Alpharetta, GA — Atlanta police officer Scott Perry was arrested by Alpharetta police this Saturday night after he caused a scene at a hotel restaurant and became aggressive with a number of female patrons.
Perry was reportedly drunk and tried to kiss multiple random women whom he had never met before, and had also attempted to steal their food.

Each time Perry was strongly rejected, and in most cases the women were actually there with their significant others. In one case, Genesco Carvalhais had chased after Perry to retrieve the food for his significant other, and when he confronted Perry, the off-duty officer attempted to kiss him as well.

After that, he made his rounds across the bar and tried the same thing with multiple other couples.

Eventually, the hotel called the police, but while they were on their way, Perry returned to his room in the hotel.

When Alpharetta Police got to the hotel, they found Perry drunk and in his underwear in his room, and he became belligerent when they attempted to take him away.

According to the police report, “Scott was slurring his words and had a hard time standing,” and then began to yell at the arresting officers, saying “F–k you, I’m a police officer!” and “I’ll have all your jobs!”

Perry ran for his gun before police were able to apprehend him so they blocked him and pulled their tasers.

Perry reportedly taunted them and dared them to tase him, which they did. [...]

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/drunk-cop-tased-arrested-kiss-random-women-steal-food/

USA: Perversa Poliser Ofredar Kvinnor och Visar Könsorganen för Allmänheten
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