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USA-polis torterade flickvännens hundvalp till döds & skickade bilder till henne - fick fängelse

Alec Eugene Taylor, en f.d. polis i Baltimore som torterat sin flickväns hundvalp till döds, dömdes nyligen  till ett års fängelse. Domaren i målet tog även hänsyn till att polismannen efter tortyren av hundvalpen fotograferat resterna hunden och sedan skickat bilderna till flickvännen...

Alec Eugene Taylor, former Baltimore police officer charged with beating and choking a puppy to death

Publicerades den 8 okt 2014
Alec Eugene Taylor, former Baltimore police officer charged with beating and choking a puppy to death, sentenced to 1 year in prison. 

MD Cop Who Strangled Girlfriend's Puppy & Sent Her Photographs Gets 1 Year In Prison

Information Liberation 2014-10-10
Alec Eugene Taylor, the psychotic Baltimore police officer who made headlines for strangling his girlfriend's puppy to death, then sending her pictures of the dog's dead corpse was sentenced to a single year in prison on animal cruelty charges. 

His lawyer said Taylor was under a lot of pressure and took his frustrations out on the dog, so I guess that makes it OK. I wonder how he treated the slave-citizens he ruled over.

USA: Polis dödade flickvännens hundvalp - Fotade - Skickade bilderna till hennes mobil

7 mars 2014 - En polis i Baltimore, USA, misshandlade flickvännens hundvalp med en golvmopp och ströp sedan hunden. Som final så skickade polismannen sedan bilder på den döda hundvalpen till flickvännens mobil, innan han slängde den döda valpen i en sopcontainer...

 'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'
USA-polis torterade flickvännens hundvalp till döds & skickade bilder till henne - fick fängelse

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  1. ‘Nothing was broken here - until police came’: Busker on NYPD subway arrest

    Published time: October 23, 2014

    After Andrew Kalleen was arrested for playing guitar in the NYC subway, fellow musicians joined him in a musical protest of the incident. The musician asserts that he was not violating any laws:

    “Nothing was broken here until police came,” he told RT.

    Kalleen was arrested for playing music on a subway platform in Brooklyn last Friday. The police officer told the folk musician to stop playing and leave the subway.

    However, the officer grew increasingly agitated after Kalleen refused to stop and had him read out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) code of conduct aloud.

    The rules explicitly allow performers to solicit donations.

    Even though the officer was now made aware that Kalleen was not in violation of the regulations, he proceeded to snatch the busker’s guitar, shove him to ground, and cuff him.

    “It did seem like the officer was frustrated. And I can see that he wasn’t prepared for that situation. He’s told to do that, and it’s illegal. He was told to do something illegal by people that are higher up, so I can see why he would lose his cool,” Kalleen told RT.
    Andrew was detained for five hours following the arrest.[...]

  2. Chicago Cop Who Assaulted 89-Yr-Old For Requesting He Stop Cursing Gets 3 Years

    2014-10-23 Chris | InformationLiberation

    After having trouble with a gas pump, Chicago police officer David Barrett, 59, took his anger out on the station's attendants by screaming curses at them in front of a crowd of customers.

    One of those customers, 89-year-old Vincent Detolve calmly asked the man to keep his voice down, to which Officer Barrett responded by violently punching him, knocking him to the floor in the process and leaving the senior citizen with a broken hip and torn rotator cuff.

    Barrett then cursed out the rest of the audience and fled the scene, but not before one customer took down his license plate which they promptly reported to police.

    Upon investigating they found the assailant was a 20-year-veteran Chicago police officer.

    The Chicago Tribune reports Barrett was just sentenced to three years in prison for his violent assault.

    The victim has also filed a civil rights suit against the now-former cop.

    Sadly, this is the moral character of many of America's police officers.



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