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Rapport: USA:s olagliga drönarterror mördar fler civila än terrorister

Storbritanniens "Bureau of Investigative Journalism" avslöjar att antalet civila dödsoffer vid USA:s drönaravrättningar vida överstiger antalet döda "terrorister." Facit blir att USA ställer till med avsevärt större elände för civila i de berörda länderna, än de s.k. terroristerna...

How Words Absolve Mass Murder

Bild: - NEWSPEAK / Israel "klipper gräsmattan" i Gaza.
Only 84 of 2,379 US Drone Attack Victims in Pakistan Confirmed Al-Qaeda Militants
CIA drones strikes in Pakistan have killed nearly 2,400 people since 2004. But despite US claims it just hits “confirmed terrorist targets,” only 84 of the victims have been named Al-Qaeda members, a report revealed.

On October 11, the US carried out its 400th drone strike in northwest Pakistan since its strikes started there in 2004. In almost a decade, 2,379 people have been killed.

“Only 704 of the 2,379 dead have been identified, and only 295 of these were reported to be members of some kind of armed group,” the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism found out.

As a part of its Naming the Dead project, the bureau collected the names and, where it was possible, the details of people killed by the CIA using a multitude of sources.

“These include both Pakistani government records leaked to the bureau, and hundreds of open source reports in English, Pashtun and Urdu,” they noted.[...]




Over half of US drone strike victims may be civilians

Publicerades den 23 okt 2014
Only four percent of US drone-strike victims in Pakistan can be identified as members of Al-Qaeda, and out of nearly 2,400 individuals killed, over half are thought to be innocent civilians, according to a new report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Government officials frequently claim drone strikes are highly accurate and are an essential part of fighting terrorism, but these newly released figures raise serious doubts about the effectiveness of the controversial program.

Professor Marjorie Cohn of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law joins RT’s Ameera David to discuss these new findings.

Bild: NEWSPEAK / "Mosade insekter" enligt de nya ordreglerna.
 'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'
Rapport: USA:s olagliga drönarterror mördar fler civila än terrorister

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