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Permanent 30-årigt globalt terrorkrig mot ISIS - enligt USA:s f.d. CIA-chef och ledande politiker

Ledande talesmän från både Bush- och Obama-administrationen har tidigare sagt att USA:s terrorkrig mot ISIS och liknande grupper, kan komma att pågå i minst en hel generation. Nyligen sade Leon Panetta, som varit en av de mest inflytelserika cheferna inom USA:s försvar och även tidigare CIA-chef, att ett 30-årigt globalt krig mot ISIS är mycket sannolikt...

Video: CrossTalk: America's 30-year war

Leon Panetta Says Brace For 30 Year War With ISIS
BLN / Liberty Blitzkrieg 2014-10-07

- Leon Panetta, the long-time Democratic Party operative who served as Obama’s Defense Secretary and CIA Director, said this week of Obama’s new bombing campaign: “I think we’re looking at kind of a 30-year war.”

Only in America are new 30-year wars spoken of so casually, the way other countries speak of weather changes. He added that the war “will have to extend beyond Islamic State to include emerging threats in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.”

And elsewhere: not just a new decades-long war with no temporal limits, but no geographic ones either. He criticized Obama – who has bombed 7 predominantly Muslim countries plus the Muslim minority in the Phillipines (almost double the number of countries Bush bombed) – for being insufficiently militaristic, despite the fact that Obama officials themselves have already instructed the public to think of The New War “in terms of years.”

Then we have Hillary Clinton (whom Panetta gushed would make a “great” president). At an event in Ottawa yesterday, she proclaimed that the fight against these “militants” will “be a long-term struggle” that should entail an “information war” as “well as an air war.”

The new war, she said, is “essential” and the U.S. shies away from fighting it “at our peril.” Like Panetta (and most establishment Republicans), Clinton made clear in her book that virtually all of her disagreements with Obama’s foreign policy were the by-product of her view of Obama as insufficiently hawkish, militaristic and confrontational.
- At this point, it is literally inconceivable to imagine the U.S. not at war. 

It would be shocking if that happened in our lifetime. U.S. officials are now all but openly saying this. “Endless War” is not dramatic rhetorical license but a precise description of America’s foreign policy. Just yesterday, Bloomberg reported: “Led by Lockheed Martin Group (LTM), the biggest U.S. defense companies are trading at record prices as shareholders reap rewards from escalating military conflicts around the world.”

Particularly exciting is that “investors see rising sales for makers of missiles, drones and other weapons as the U.S. hits Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq”; moreover, “the U.S. also is the biggest foreign military supplier to Israel, which waged a 50-day offensive against the Hamas Islamic movement in the Gaza Strip.”

ISIS is using U.S.-made ammunition and weapons, which means U.S. weapons companies get to supply all sides of The New Endless War; can you blame investors for being so giddy? I vividly recall how, in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s killing, Obama partisans triumphantly declared that this would finally usher in the winding down of the War on Terror.

On one superficial level, that view was understandable: it made sense if one assumes that the U.S. has been waging this war for its stated reasons and that it hopes to vanquish The Enemy and end the war. But that is not, and never was, the purpose of the War on Terror.
"- War on Terror". It was designed from the start to be endless.

- Both Bush and Obama officials have explicitly said that the war will last at least a generation. 

The nature of the “war,” and the theories that have accompanied it, is that it has no discernible enemy and no identifiable limits. More significantly, this “war” fuels itself, provides its own inexhaustible purpose, as it is precisely the policies justified in the name of Stopping Terrorism that actually ensure its spread (note how Panetta said the new U.S. war would have to include Libya, presumably to fight against those empowered by the last U.S. war there just 3 years ago). [...]



FN inför "Global Patriot Act" på USA:s begäran - Välkommen till planeten Texas!

Publicerades den 1 okt 2014
Abby Martin speaks with RT Correspondent Marina Portnaya, about a new UN resolution that is being compared to the US Patriot Act, going over how the text could allow countries to increase surveillance under the name of counter terrorism, as well as giving states new tools to crack down on dissent by simply labeling activists ‘terrorists’.***


"Världen är en scen" - Elitens & Medias riggade krigspropaganda med ISIS, inte helt vattentät?

 Bild från trailer till turkisk TV-serie (Enligt uppgift, inspelad månader före ISIS videos)
Bild från ISIS video...
Här publiceras en del tankeväckande information som mainstreammedia kan ha glömt att berätta under sin marknadsföring av überelitens lönsamma krig mot det senaste internationella terrorspöket, ISIS...
Permanent 30-årigt globalt terrorkrig mot ISIS - enligt USA:s f.d. CIA-chef och ledande politiker

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  1. -War On Syria Spills Into Neighbor Countries - Lebanon Now In Serious Danger-

    October 10, 2014 Source: Moon of Alabama

    Eighteen months ago the Syrian president Assad warned that the war against Syria would also inflame neighboring countries:

    “We are surrounded by countries that help terrorists and allow them to enter Syria,” he told Turkish TV station Ulusal Kanal. “Everybody knows that if the disturbances in Syria reach the point of the country’s breakup, or terrorist forces control Syria . . . then this will immediately spill over into neighboring countries and there will be a domino effect that will reach countries across the Middle East.”

    Since then the Islamic State (aka ISIS) has taken not only east Syria but also Anbar province in Iraq where it is preparing for an attack on Baghdad International Airport and the Iraqi government in the Baghdad "Green Zone".

    In cooperation with Turkey the Islamic State has laid siege on the independent Kurdish enclave Kobane in north east Syria. The city is likely to fall soon just as the Turkish government wants it to.[...]



  2. [...]Once we begin to see the State as it is -- a predatory criminal organization, violently and arbitrarily arrogating to itself the power to make laws for everyone within a given geographical space -- we begin also to see the strictly practical problems with such a system. Without any check or restraint on the monopoly power that defines the State, any other social institution competing with that power, the threat of mayhem and bellicosity among human beings is at its most menacing.[...]


  3. -UK crime agency seeks total access to citizens' emails, social media content-

    October 07, 2014

    The UK’s top law enforcement officer says Britons must be prepared to sacrifice their freedoms online if they want to be protected from terrorists and cyber criminals.

    This includes giving authorities access to private email and social media contents.

    Speaking to The Guardian, the director general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), Keith Bristow, warned that the UK’s biggest threats are becoming increasingly focused on the web, and that authorities had not done enough to persuade the public that greater oversight of their online activity was necessary. [...]




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