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PETA SERVERAR LÄCKER JULMAT, TOPLESS! + Media avslöjar: Veganism är rysk rysk propaganda

Samtidigt som PETA i Belfast storstilat serverade årets julmat topless till de förbipasserande konsumenterna utanför ett shoppingcenter, så förkunnade journalister i amerikansk mainstreammedia att veganism är rysk propaganda. Men är veganer verkligen ryska agenter..? - Förmodligen är fejkstreammedia i både Amerika & Sverige (MSM) lite sura över att Putin lovat ryska folket GMO-fri mat som inte innehåller diverse cancerframkallande ingredienser som exempelvis Monsantos Roundup...
Try to Relate to Who’s on Your Christmas Plate: PETA
RT/PETA 2016-12-08
A topless PETA protester stunned shoppers in Belfast on Wednesday when she covered herself in gravy and lay out on a giant white plate to urge people to ‘go vegan’ this Christmas.

The half-naked woman attracted a crowd at a busy shopping center, surrounded by giant Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

PETA claims the demonstration was an appeal to people “to try to relate to who’s on your plate.” A similar demonstration was held in Dublin.

In a statement, the charity noted that many turkeys are forced to endure horrific treatment during their short lives before they are slaughtered.

“The sensitive young birds are hung from metal shackles by their feet and dragged through an electrified bath that can cause them to have full-body tremors,” PETA wrote.
“Sometimes, they’re still conscious when their throats are slit and they’re dumped into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers.”

Director of the charity Elisa Allen said, “PETA is encouraging people to extend the holiday spirit of peace and goodwill to all by leaving animals off their plates this Christmas.
“Thanks to the array of mock meats available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a festive meal packed with all [of] the flavor, but none of the cruelty.”

Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson, a long-time advocate for PETA, made headlines in October when she wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May to urge a change in the law regarding wild animals in circuses.

“With all due respect, Brexit is complicated, but kissing circus animal acts goodbye is easy as pie,” the former Baywatch star wrote.

“Animal acts are embarrassingly archaic and have no place in modern Britain – or anywhere else ... I’m currently in the UK and would welcome the chance to meet with you about this issue.”

- VEGANISM är rysk propaganda:
Washington Post & Mainstream

Publicerades den 5 dec. 2016 
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 PETA SERVERAR LÄCKER JULMAT, TOPLESS! + Media avslöjar: Veganism är rysk rysk propaganda
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