fredag 30 december 2016

Efter Putin besegrat ISIS/USA i Aleppo - Nu jublar clownerna i västmedia över sanktioner mot Ryssland

Efter att Putin nyligen besegrat ISIS/USA i Aleppo, Syrien, så införde USA omgående nya sanktioner mot Ryssland. Under den paranoida fejkförevändningen om s.k. "ryska hackare", så agerade Obama lika smidigt som en korrupt lönnfet afrikansk diktator i någon obskyr bananrepublik och utvisade 35 ryska diplomater med 72 timmars varsel...
Självklart så jublar nu flertalet journalistclowner i västlig fejkstreammedia över chansen att få krigshetsa och hata det ryska folket offentligt ännu en gång.

Mainstreammedia-trollen fortsätter således med hjärntvätten av de stackars ignoranta undersåtar här i väst som fortfarande frivilligt utsätter sig för medias människofientliga krigshetsande nonsens...

RT 2016-12-29
President Barack Obama has issued new sanctions against Russian people and companies that the US government has accused of hacking American institutions ahead of the election. 

The Treasury Department announced the new sanctions against five entities and four individuals on Thursday afternoon.

In the executive order, which Obama signed Wednesday night, the president said he was taking “additional steps to deal with the national emergency with respect to significant malicious cyber-enabled activities… in view of the increasing use of such activities to undermine democratic processes or institutions.”

RT 2016-12-29
Thirty-five Russian diplomats have been expelled from the US, according to a statement from State Department. President Obama described those expelled as “intelligence operatives,” also announcing the closure of two Russian compounds, in New York and Maryland.

The Russian diplomats would be given 72 hours to leave US soil. They are expelled for acting in a "manner inconsistent with their diplomatic status," the statement reads.
*** Efter Putin besegrat ISIS/USA i Aleppo - Nu jublar clownerna i västmedia över sanktioner mot Ryssland
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  1. Putin Exposes Obama’s Lame Duck Attempt to Start a New Cold War by Refusing to Retaliate

    Russian President Vladimir Putin broke with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov — who had earlier vowed to expel 35 U.S. diplomats in response to the same move by the Obama administration — announcing Russia would not stoop to unilateral pettiness displayed by outgoing American leadership, stating:
    “We reserve the right to retaliate, but we will not sink to the level of this irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy. We will take further moves on restoring Russian-American relations based on the policies that the administration of President-elect Donald Trump adopts.”

  2. 96 Russians forced to leave US over diplomat expulsion – FM spokeswoman

    The US’ decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats has affected 96 people, including the officials themselves and their families, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Moscow refrained from responding in kind, to not ruin the New Year for American diplomats.
    The Russians forced to leave the US includes some pre-school children, Maria Zakharova said.



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