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IMF-chef Lagarde dömd för ekonomisk brottslighet i fransk domstol - Domaren: Inget straff nödvändigt

IMF-chefen Lagarde är skyldig till ekonomisk brottslighet enligt ett domslut i en fransk domstol. Domaren ansåg dock att damen är såpass rik, trevlig och har ett gott rykte hos 0,1%-eliten i övrigt, så det finns absolut ingen anledning att bestraffa hennes brottslighet...  Grace Jones, förklarar varför "white collar crime" inte bestraffas i en klassisk musikvideo...
Grace Jones - White collar crime

RT 2016-12-19
The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, has been found guilty of negligence by a Paris court over a huge payout she approved to a business tycoon while serving as French finance minister in 2008.

- Despite the guilty finding, the Court of Justice of the Republic did not issue any sentence for the IMF chief.

The official denies the negligence charges, and her lawyers will now look into appealing the court ruling, Reuters reported.

The decision not to hand down a punishment was made considering Lagarde's good reputation and international standing, Reuters reported, citing the main judge, Martine Ract Madoux.

She added that "the context of the global financial crisis in which Madame Lagarde found herself" was "taken into account."

Lagarde was not present when the court announced its verdict on Monday, Reuters reported citing her lawyer.

The long-running case revolves around an arbitration deal over the sale of Adidas sportswear, which saw tycoon Bernard Tapie receiving a €403 million ($425 million) payout. Tapie is said to have had connections in the highest circles of French society, including then-President Nicolas Sarkozy.
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 IMF-chef Lagarde dömd för ekonomisk brottslighet i fransk domstol - Domaren: Inget straff nödvändigt
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