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USA: Skolans polis våldtog regelbundet 22 unga pojkar under flera år - "Skulle skydda elever"

Poliskonstapel Robert Lellocks uppgift på skolan i Pittsburghs skoldistrikt var att skydda barnen. Ett åtal mot skolpolisen avslöjar nu att polismannen hade helt andra avsikter med sin tjänst...
Konstapel Robert Lellock brukade hämta pojkar direkt från skollektionerna och låste sedan in sig tillsammans med offren i vaktmästarens städskrubb.

Där våldförde sig polisen på de unga pojkarna.

Våldtäkterna på skolan inträffade enligt åtalet mellan 1988-1999. Åtalet mot polisen är initierat av en nu 29-årig man, som var ett av polisens många våldtäktsoffer.

Ingen på skolan reagerade någonsin på övergreppen, eftersom både lärare och skolpersonal var blint övertygade om att poliser är moraliskt oantastliga auktoriteter.

Konstapel Robert Lellock arbetade inom skoldistriktet ända fram till juli 2012 då han blev suspenderad med full lön.

Sannolikt kommer vi att få höra från fler av polismannens offer, under polisens 13 senaste arbetsår... 
School Cop Whose Job was to “Protect” Students, Repeatedly Raped 22 Boys
2015-04-16 The Free Thought Project.
Pittsburgh, PA — When famous football coach, Jerry Sandusky raped multiple young boys it was a worldwide scandal. However, when a public servant whose job was to “protect” school children, instead commits dozens and dozens of rapes on a school campus, no one bats an eye.

Twenty-two victims in total are mentioned in a lawsuit against former school resource officer, Robert Lellock.

The lawsuit details how this serial child rapist would repeatedly walk into classrooms and remove his victims one by one. He would then lock himself and the young boys in the janitor’s closet where the sexual assaults would take place.

“They were charged with the welfare and protection of the children entrusted to them, and they failed these children repeatedly and systematically by turning a blind eye to the obvious signs of abuse being perpetrated by defendant Lellock,” the lawsuit says.

The anonymous man spearheading the lawsuit is now 29-years-old. The victim details within the lawsuit how Lellock took him out of class dozens of times during his stay at Arthur J. Rooney Middle School from 1998-99.

He did the same with 21 other boys.

The victim notes how teachers blindly trusted this authority figure. 

None of the staff ever question why a cop would be interrupting class to remove the same boys over and over again.

“- Not a single teacher reported him, or even questioned him.
Not a single teacher made an inquiry to the office,” the lawsuit says.
“-This speaks of a failure of training and policy of an unbelievable and conscience-shocking level.”

Lellock worked in the district from 1990 until the school board suspended him with pay in July 2012 and accepted his resignation two months later, according to

Who knows how many untold children were made victims of this sicko cop during those 22 years?
In 2013, Lellock was convicted on 13 charges including endangering the welfare of children, corrupting minors and indecent assault.

Named in the lawsuit are Lellock, the school district, former superintendent Dale Frederick, and former principal, Ronald Zangaro.

To those who think that this incident is somehow isolated, it is not. A shocking scroll through this link will show how child molestation is not only a systemic problem within law enforcement, but is also rarely punished.

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USA: Skolans polis våldtog regelbundet 22 unga pojkar under flera år - "Skulle skydda elever"
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