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USA: "Årets polis" langade kilovis knark & vapen åt Los Zetas drogkartell - arresterades av FBI

Noe Juarez, en amerikansk hedersutmärkt "årets polis", arresterades nyligen för att parallellt med polistjänsten även ha arbetat åt en mexikansk drogkartell under de senaste tre åren...
Polisman Juarez kommer att åtalas för att ha planerat langa kilovis med kokain och diverse vapen åt Los Zetas, en ledande mexikansk drogkartell som även frilansar som dödspatrull...
2015-04-09 Daily News
A Houston cop once recognized as the city’s officer of the year led a double life as a cocaine trafficker with ties to a notorious Mexican drug cartel, authorities claim.

Federal agents arrested Officer Noe Juarez with the help of his fellow cops on Tuesday after he showed up for work at the police station.

The veteran patrolman conspired with Sergio Grimaldo, the brother of a convicted cartel boss, to distribute five kilos of cocaine in southeastern Louisiana, according to court documents.

Juarez, 46, was also indicted on gun charges related to the alleged coke trafficking.
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Feds Indict Houston PD ‘Officer of the Year’ for Trafficking Cocaine for Los Zetas Cartel
2015-04-10 The Free Thought Project
Houston, Texas – A former Houston Police Department ‘Officer of the Year’ award winner, Noe Juarez, was arrested this past Tuesday morning. 
He has been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to possess firearms connected with a drug trafficking offense and conspiracy to distribute five or more kilos of cocaine.

- Juarez is accused of leading a double life with close ties to the Los Zetas cartel.
- Court documents accuse him of conspiring with Sergio Grimaldo, the brother of a convicted cartel boss, to distribute five kilos of cocaine in southeastern Louisiana

His co-defendant, Grimaldo, 32, was previously indicted along with his brother, Efrain Grimaldo, a member of Los Zetas, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Louisiana confirmed in an email, according to The NY Daily News.

The Zetas cartel, originally comprised of military special forces, has been labeled by the Mexican Defense Ministry as “the most formidable death squad” in the country.

If convicted on all charges he faces up to life in prison and a $10,000,000 fine.

Court documents accuse Juarez of beginning his drug trafficking operation in 2012.

The indictment came out of New Orleans, where investigators have been working in conjunction with Houston authorities since 2014, according to court records.

Juarez was arrested by FBI, DEA and HPD officers at the Central Command station and has a bond hearing on Monday but remains in custody.

Prosecutors have claimed that Juarez is a “flight risk” and a “danger to the community,” but his attorney, George Murphy, claims those assertions are baseless.

“He has a long history of law-abiding conduct, he has a big support group and family that is going to make sure he shows up in court,” said Murphy. “So I don’t think they will be able to prove he won’t show up in court.”

Murphy went on to state that the case against his client is flimsy at best.
“They haven’t put any meat on the bones, this is the most bare bones indictment I’ve seen in a long time,” Murphy said.

If you’re still wondering if the institution of policing is corrupt, you haven’t been paying very close attention!

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/feds-indict-officer-year-cocaine-trafficking-charges/
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Den bästa av de bästa i blå uniform!  - USA-polisman Philip LeRoy som roar sig lite på bilden ovanför, valdes ut bland 100-tals aspirerade poliser som tävlade om att bli belönade med poliskårens eftertraktade hederstitel i New York... Bild: BLN

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USA: "Årets polis" langade kilovis knark & vapen åt Los Zetas drogkartell - arresterades av FBI  
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    "No," Salvi allegedly replied. "Once state tested it at the lab, it's done. So that's why as long as I have 2 (fake kilos) to put back in, anything that looks white like that, they're never gonna check it again."

    What Salvi didn't realize was that the drug dealer was a paid undercover informant for the FBI and that the entire conversation had been recorded as agents watched from the parking lot.

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    *Former Officer Of the Year Caught on Video Trafficking Weapons for Drug Cartels – In Uniform

    Houston, TX — New video has surfaced in the case of Noe Juarez; a veteran Houston Police officer indicted just last week on charges of drugs and weapon trafficking.

    Juarez was named officer of the year in 2009 and was with HPD for over 20 years when he was arrested in New Orleans.

    He was charged with conspiracy to distribute 5 kilos or more of cocaine.


    At a bond hearing last week, officers say Juarez had been participating in illegal activities for years for years, supplying guns, bulletproof vests, cars and police intelligence to members of the Los Zetas drug cartel.


    The secretly recorded video obtained by local news affiliate KPRC includes two scenes recorded outside of the club where Juarez worked off-duty as security.

    Juarez can be seen in the first clip, recorded March 2011, delivering two rifles to an FBI informant while in uniform. Feds say Juarez was told the weapons were to be shipped to Mexico and received $4,500 in the transaction.

    The second clip shows Juarez proving information requested by an unidentified informant. Juarez ran the numbers of two license plates for the informant.

    He used the HPD database to provide the names and address of people who owed $800,000 in drug money. Juarez reportedly provided this kind of information often, receiving $250-$500 each time.

    Testimony from the DEA last week alleges Juarez is connected to Los Zetas cartel members Efrain and Sergio Grimaldo, who prosecutors say were the primary suppliers of cocaine to a violent street gang in Houma, LA.

    Efrain was arrested in September 2014 and sentenced to 33 years in prison after distributing 1,640 kilos of cocaine across seven states. Sergio Grimaldo is now cooperating with the feds after being indicted along with Juarez last week for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.




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