onsdag 15 april 2015

STATISM - Världens farligaste och dödligaste religion - feat. Larken Rose (2)

En video från fritänkaren och anarkisten Larken Rose om den farliga moderna religionen STATISM...

STATISM - Världens farligaste och dödligaste religion

Published on 25 Sep 2014
Warning: Graphic content. (With English, Dutch and Polish subtitles.)

How “Just Doing My Job” is Creating and Bolstering a Dystopian Police State - http://thefreethoughtproject.com
- Fret not fellow citizens, these “public servants” will only beat us, cage us, extort us, and kill us, because they are “Just doing their Jobs.”

War does not prove who is right 
- only who is left .
STATISM - Världens farligaste och dödligaste religion - feat. Larken Rose (2)
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. --Texas chef hit with possible $2,000 fine for feeding the homeless--

    A Texas chef who has fed San Antonio’s homeless population for the past 10 years from a non-profit mobile food truck was suddenly cited and fined by local police for feeding the homeless.

    Despite the ticket being issued a week earlier, Joan Cheever, founder of a San Antonio mobile food truck called the Chow Train, was nevertheless out feeding the homeless on Tuesday.

    There has been an outpouring of support for Cheever after news of the ticket surfaced, which she still has to fight in court in June – and which she said she would do under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

    Cheever told Texas Public Radio she was inspired by the show of support.

    “It warms my heart but it doesn’t surprise me because the community is behind me and they are behind every other nonprofit that does what I do and there are a lot of them,” she said.[...]


  2. Man Kills Himself Holding ‘Tax The 1%’ in Front of the Capitol — and Nobody Hears About It

    The exhortation of the unknown man’s sign is focused and direct, and frighteningly accurate.

    When 64-year-old Vietnam vet John Constantino burned himself to death on the DC Mall in October of 2013 I couldn’t stop thinking about this man and his act. Who was he? What compelled him?

    What was his life’s story? What were his political views, his life’s station, etc? I wanted to write a blog then but didn’t.

    Then Saturday happened.

    On the kind of beautiful sunny day when hope springs eternal, an older gentleman wearing a backpack walked over by the fountain in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

    And a sign. According to people who saw him, it said simply: “Tax The 1%”

    The police captain on the scene who addressed the news cameras eerily avoided the question, mumbling that it was “something about social justice,” as if he were annoyed to address any specifics. So we know nothing else. Not even a name was given.

    A dog run over by car might have gotten more respect and news coverage than this unknown man.

    What kind of a society have we become?

    A man decides to commit suicide as an act of political courage, and is dismissed by both the police and media as unworthy of further examination?




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