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Mordorgie på oliktänkande journalister och politiker i Ukraina - i västligt mediemörker

Ett stort antal brutala mord och avrättningar på oliktänkande politiker och journalister i Ukraina har skett i västligt mediemörker under den senaste tiden... (+Video med Ron Paul om morden.)

Ukraine: - Killing the Opposition?

Publicerades den 19 apr. 2015 RonPaulLibertyReport
After more then ten murders and "suicides" of prominent Ukrainian opposition figures, the US shows none of the concern it showed for the murder of one minor opposition figure in Russia. Is it just because it backs the Ukrainian regime? Also, the US military has arrived in Ukraine. Is this not a dangerous escalation? Tune in to the Ron Paul Liberty Report!

Ett flertal kritiker till regimen i Kiev har rensas ut. 

Bland annat har upp emot ett tiotal personer inom regeringskretsen mördats eller fått sin död riggad som "självmord". Ett antal regimkritiska journalister har också avrättats. 

EU-anpassningen går tydligen vidare..?

Series of ‘bizarre suicides’ & murders:
- Former Ukrainian MP shot dead in Kiev

RT 2015-04-16
A former Ukrainian MP and active anti-Maidan activist, Oleg Kalashnikov, has been killed in his flat in Kiev. His killing is the latest in a series of odd deaths plaguing former government officials and ex-President Yanukovich’s party members.

The 52-year-old was found dead at his residence in Kiev on Wednesday evening. His death was “caused by a gunshot, 

The murder is meant as a warning for all those who dare to oppose Kiev government, which can do anything against the opponents.

In the past few months, at least eight former Ukrainian government officials died mysterious deaths, with most treated as suicides.

  • On January 29, former chairman of Kharkov region government, Aleksey Kolesnik, was found hanged.
  • On February 24, former Party of Regions member Stanislav Melnik died of a gunshot with his death treated as suicide.
  • On February 25, several hours before his trial, the Mayor of Melitopol Sergey Valter was found hanged leaving no suicide note.
  • The next day, February 26, deputy chief of Melitopol police, Aleksandr Bordyuga, who reportedly acted as Valter’s lawyer, was found dead in his garage.
  • On February 26, a former MP and ex-chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration was found dead with a gun wound to his neck. His death is being investigated as a suicide.
  • On February 28, former member of the Party of Regions, Mikhail Chechetov, jumped from the window of his 17th floor apartment in Kiev, leaving a suicide note.
  • On March 14, a 32-year-old prosecutor Sergey Melnichuk fell from a window of a 9th floor apartment in Odessa.
Another Ukrainian opposition journalist found dead
Sputnik 2015-04-16
As the political situation in Ukraine destabilizes, the suspicious killings of prominent opposition supporters continue to transpire.

A prominent Ukrainian journalist, known for his critical views of Poroshenko's government was shot dead in Kiev on Thursday, in the latest series of suspicious deaths of opposition supporters.

Läs mer:

In Ukraine killed the chief editor of the opposition newspaper "Neteshinsky Vestnik"
The Murderers of Kiev
Ukraine’s gangster regime shows its true colors
There seems to be a “suicide” epidemic afflicting opponents of the current Ukrainian government – nine opposition politicians and two journalists have mysteriously died since the beginning of the year. Here is the timeline of terror that has opponents of the regime fearing for their lives:

  • January 26 – Nikolai Sergienko, former deputy chief of Ukrainian Railways and a supporter of Viktor Yanukoych’s Party of Regions, reportedly shot himself with a hunting rifle. The windows were all locked from inside, and no note was found.
  • January 29 – Aleksey Kolesnik, the former chairman of the Kharkov regional government and a prominent supporter of the now-banned Party of Regions, supposedly hung himself.  There was no suicide note
  • February 24 – Stanislav Melnik, another former Party of Regions member of parliament, was found dead in his bathroom: he is said to have shot himself with a hunting rifle. We are told he left a suicide note of “apologies,” but what he was apologizing for has never been revealed, since the note has not been released.
  • February 25 – Sergey Valter, former Party of Regions activist and Mayor of Melitopol, was found hanged hours before his trial on charges of “abuse of office” was set to begin. Whoever was responsible neglected to leave a “suicide” note.
  • February 26 – Aleksandr Bordyuga, Valter’s lawyer and former deputy chief of Melitopol police, was found in his garage, dead, another “suicide.”
  • February 26 – Oleksandr Peklushenko, a former Party of Regions member of parliament and chairman of Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, was found dead in the street with a gun wound to his neck. Officially declared a “suicide.”
  • February 28 – Mikhail Chechetov, a professor of economics and engineering, former member of parliament from the Party of Regions, and former head of the privatization board, supposedly jumped from the seventeenth floor window of his Kiev apartment. Another “suicide”!
  • March 14 – Sergey Melnichuk, a prosecutor and Party of Regions loyalist, “fell” from the ninth floor window of an apartment building in Odessa. Or was he pushed?
  • April 15 – Oleg Kalashnikov, yet another prominent Party of Regions leader, died of a gunshot wound – the eighth since the beginning of the year.
Kalashnikov, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament and a very vocal and visible critic of the Kiev regime, was found shot to death in his home. This time, the authorities are having a hard time spinning it as a “suicide,” although they haven’t come right out and said it was murder. Kalashnikov had recently been campaigning for the right of Ukrainians to celebrate the victory of the Allies during World War II – a controversial topic in Ukraine, where sympathy for the Third Reich and its Ukrainian collaborators is rife among supporters of the current government. He had reportedly received numerous death threats because of his stand.

And as I write this, the news that two other prominent critics of the Kiev gang, both journalists, have been found dead is being reported. Historian and journalist Oles Buznya was gunned down by two marked gunmen while jogging near his home. He had recently resigned his position as editor of the newspaper Segodnya, stating that he would no longer put up with the censorship imposed by government pressure on his employers: he had also been forbidden to make any media appearances. Earlier this year, a group of Ukrainian “journalists” with the oxymoronic moniker of “Stop Censorship” demanded that Buznya be banned from making appearances in the media on the grounds that he was “an agent of the Kremlin.”
Buznya enraged Ukrainian ultra-nationalists by debunking the cult of poet Taras Shevchenko. Buznya, like Kalashnikov, was active in the antigovernment protests that have become more numerous in recent days as that war-torn country cracks down on political dissent and cuts pensions while prosecuting a vicious civil war against eastern “separatists.”

Within hours of Buznya’s murder – on either Tuesday or Thursday, accounts differ – journalist Serhiy Sukhobok was kiled in Kiev. The 50-year-old Sukhobok founded the news web sites ProUA and Okbom, and had been a business journalist in the Donbass. There are reports that his assailants have been found and arrested, but authorities aren’t releasing much information.
Both Buznya and Sukhobok are being described in the Western media as “pro-Russian,” but this is just a synonym for anyone who opposes the current regime. Sukhobok was born in Donetsk, and naturally sympathized with the poverty and neglect suffered by its people. Buznya, for his part, was an opponent of the perverted nationalism of the country’s ultras, and wanted true independence for Ukraine rather than assimilation into the EU super-state.

The narrative supported by the Western media – that the “revolution” which overthrew the democratically elected government of Viktor Yanukovych was a blow struck against authoritarianism and for “European values” – is no longer credible. Indeed, in the face of these murders – covered up by the regime as “suicides” – it is a sick joke. The thugs who executed the coup – with the invaluable help of the US and German governments – are outright fascists who don’t even bother to disguise their colors. Between banning Russian films and declaring the WWII era Nazi-collaborator Stephen Bandera a “national hero,” these crazies are the ideological heirs of the worst of the pro-Nazi militias that murdered thousands of Jews at Hitler’s behest. Legislation recently passed outlaws all “Communist” propaganda and symbolism, as well as Nazi emblems – but hails the OUN, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, which fought alongside the German SS during World War II.

Banning web sites
and television stations they disapprove of, as well as the bass guitarist for the US rock band Bloodhound Gang, the warlords of Kiev are showing their true colors. However, the list of bans doesn’t stop there: it includes all inter-bank transactions over $10,000 and all gold transactions over $125. And to top it off, they’ve also banned Bitcoins – in the name of “protecting consumers’ rights”!
As a wave of terror and repression sweeps Ukraine, my early warning of where that country was headed has been proved all too accurate. And it has come to this largely as a result of intervention in Ukraine’s internal politics by the US and the EU – who did so in the name of “promoting democracy.”

Those “libertarians” who hailed the Ukrainian “revolution,” mostly in the unelected leadership of “Students for Liberty,” have a lot of explaining to do: it was they who denounced Ron Paul for his lack of support to the Ukrainian coup leaders, shamelessly smearing him as “pro-Putin” because he saw where Ukraine was going. Now that the regime they tried to prettify is arresting journalists and young people en masse for resisting the draft – and murdering its political opponents – we don’t hear a peep out of these phony “libertarians.”

US taxpayers have shelled out billions to a regime that is one of the most corrupt – and, now, one of the most repressive – regimes in the world. And the Obama administration  continues to support the gangsters of Kiev, even stationing US troops there for “training” purposes – for they are the mutant progeny of Washington’s “democracy promotion” project. Ukraine is a convenient base from which to achieve the ultimate goal of this project – regime change in Russia itself, a deadly dangerous game that could well spark a nuclear confrontation.

What more evidence is needed that US foreign policy is utter madness?


"Suicide" epidemic strikes opponents of Ukraine regime -- or is it something else?
RT 2015-04-17
This week alone has seen at least four killings of opposition figures in Ukraine. It all started on April 13 with the slaying of journalist Sergey Sukhobok – followed by Kalashnikov two days later and Buzina, the day after that – on the 16th.

The latest murder happened last night when another journalist Olga Moroz – the editor-in-chief of the Neteshinskiy Vestnik, a Ukrainian paper. Moroz was found dead in her home, RBK Ukraine reported.

Her body showed signs of a violent death. Some possessions were missing from the apartment, according to police. Although her work is listed among the causes investigated, the police say there are no allegations relating to any complaints of pressure or threats of violence reported by the journalist.

On Friday, UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon released a statement expressing "serious concern" about the spate of murders in Ukraine, demanding a thorough investigation that will restore "the primacy of law."
Läs mer:

. hosts "Peacekeeper" app which targets Ukrainian opposition figures for assassinations

Sample of assassination target app promoted by "...separatist, provocateur, doctor..."

- Is the Murder of Oles Buzina a campaign of intimidation by
- It might be so.
 RT 2015-04-17
The recent killings in Ukraine are reported in Western media in a completely distorted way says investigative journalist Tony Gosling. It’s a dangerous situation that may provoke further killings and less reporting of certain points of view, he told RT.

Opposition journalist Oles Buzina was killed near his home in Kiev on Thursday.
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has ordered a full investigation into the murder of the journalist, known for criticizing the government.

READ MORE: 2 Ukraine journalists killed in Kiev, Poroshenko suspects ‘provocation’

It's the latest in a string of deaths of people who have been speaking out against the government.
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Oles' Buzina: "My position isn't convenient for the current govt of Ukraine" via  

Oligarker har svårt övertyga konsumentbarnen att dö som kanonfoder åt imperiets företag

Världens oligarker börjar få allt svårare att övertyga konsumentbarnen om meningen med att att dö ärofullt som kanonfoder åt oligarker, imperiet, den rikaste 1%-eliten och krigsindustrin. Fast Ukraina gör ändå ett tappert försök att återuppliva gamla minnen från tredje riket i den senaste rekryteringskampanjen. Det gäller förstås att plocka barnen tidigt ur vaggan...

Video avslöjar hur USA planerade kuppen i Kiev och orsakade inbördeskriget i Ukraina

En video som nyligen publicerats på Youtube avslöjar hur USA i förväg planerade och genomförde kuppen i Ukraina genom att bl.a. manipulera både sociala nätverk och media. En viktig video att studera för alla som vill öka sin förståelse för hur inbördeskriget i Ukraina medvetet skapades för helt andra ändamål än ökad demokrati...

Förhandling pågår: Ukrainas nazistkrigare ska tränas av NATO och bli del av reguljära armén

Negotiates Creating New Neo-Nazi Division In Army
Det rapporteras att Ukrainas frivilliga nazist-bataljon snart kan komma att ingå som en division i den reguljära ukrainska armén...

Bakgrunden till den pågående konflikten i Ukraina - Intervju med William Engdahl

Den geopolitiska experten William Engdahl, ger i en mycket intressant och uttömmande intervju från 2014 bakgrunden till den pågående konflikten och kriget i Ukraina. Engdahl pratar bl.a. om vem som låg bakom kuppen i landet, om prickskyttar och om de välregisserade synkroniserade lögnerna i media...

"Soldater som deserterar kan avrättas på plats" - Ukrainas parlament röstade igenom ny lag

Och EU-anpassningen i Ukraina går vidare med stormsteg. Ukrainas parlament röstade nyligen igenom en ny lag som innebär att soldater som deserterar kan avrättas på plats...http://rt.com/news/229739-ukraine-army-shoot-defectors/

50 000 DÖDA I UKRAINAS KRIG? - Tysklands underrättelsetjänst avslöjar nya siffror

Enligt nya rapporter från den tyska underrättelsetjänsten så har runt 50 000 människor redan dödats i Ukrainas inbördeskrig. I de nya siffrorna ingår både civila och militära dödsoffer. Tyskarna rapporterar att de officiella siffrorna från Kiev som är runt 5-6000 döda, inte alls är trovärdiga...

Fredsaktivist i Ukraina åtalas för ogillande av elitens fredskrig - riskerar 8 års fängelse

Fredsaktivisten Victoria Shilova från ANTIWAR i Ukraina, har åtalats för sitt arbete som fredsaktivist och för ett videoinspelat freds-tal där hon uttryckt sin personliga motvilja mot den kriminella elitens barbariska inbördeskrig i hennes land. Victoria Shilova riskerar nu 8 års fängelse i den kriminella elitens domstol i Ukraina...
Mordorgie på oliktänkande journalister och politiker i Ukraina - i västligt mediemörker
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. ‘Any reader of Orwell would be perfectly familiar’ with US maneuvers – Chomsky to RT

    April 17, 2015

    Major American media organizations diligently parrot what US officials want the public to know about global affairs, historian Noam Chomsky told RT.

    To US leaders, any news outlet that “does not repeat the US propaganda system is intolerable,” he said.

    The culpability of the West – namely the United States – for world affairs, such as the Ukrainian conflict or tensions with Iran, is another idea that is not permissible in leading American media, Chomsky said, adding that world opinion does not matter when that opinion counters US strategy.

    “The West means the United States and everyone else that goes along,” he said. “What’s called the international community in the United States is the United States and anyone who happens to be going along with it.

    Take, say, for example, the question of Iran’s right to carry out its current nuclear policies, whatever they are.

    The standard line is that the international community objects to this. Who is the international community? What the United States determines it to be.”

    He added that, “any reader of [George] Orwell would be perfectly familiar with this. But it continues virtually without comment.” [...]


  2. US Combat Troops Prepare Ukraine for Escalated Aggression

    Obama wants Donbass democracy crushed. He’s preparing his fascist allies (overt Nazis) for escalated naked aggression.
    He’s arming them with heavy weapons. He deployed US combat troops to prepare them for battle.
    He’s doing it while Kiev systematically breaches Minsk ceasefire terms. Low-level conflict continues daily – heading toward resumed full-scale war at Obama’s discretion.
    About 300 US paratroopers arrived in Ukraine on top of hundreds of other US special forces and combat troops already there.
    They’ll train and perhaps directly participate with Ukrainian forces in battle – covertly or openly. Maybe aided by US-led NATO air power.[...]


  3. US military instructors arrive in Ukraine to train local forces

    Almost 300 American paratroopers have arrived in Ukraine to train Kiev forces. Their mission will officially kick off on Monday, and will continue for the next six months.

    They are members of the 173rd airborne brigade, which already trained Ukrainian forces previously – in international drills last September.

    READ MORE: http://on.rt.com/etpd5f

  4. Tony Gosling:

    London media's failure to report wave of political killings in Kiev betrays PsyWar bias in Ukraine reporting


  5. -Ukrainian website calls for mass deportations and internment of dissenters in Ukraine-

    Internment is the imprisonment or confinement[1] of people, commonly in large groups, without trial.

    Collins English dictionary defines internment as “the act of interning or state of being interned, esp of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”.[2]

    Thus, while it can simply mean imprisonment, it tends to refer to preventative confinement rather than confinement after having been convicted of some crime. Use of these terms is subject to debate and political sensitivities.[3]

    Interned persons may be held at prisons or at facilities known as internment camps. In certain contexts, these may be known, either officially or pejoratively, as concentration camps.

    Internment also refers to the practice of neutral countries in time of war in detaining belligerent armed forces and equipment in their territories under the Hague Convention of 1907.[4]

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights restricts the use of internment. Article 9 states that
    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”[5]

    Fans of the Kremlin should be confined for up to five years, until regime and mentality changes in Russia, or they should be offered to leave on their own.

    *This idea was put forward by website “Khvylya”, close to the administration of Poroshenko .[...]


    1. -Konspirationen om RAND CORPORATIONS memo - Koncentrationsläger & avrättningar i Ukraina-

      I ett läckt hemligstämplat memo som påstods komma från den amerikanska tankesmedjan RAND Corporation, föreslogs att de ukrainska myndigheterna skulle inleda ett fullskaligt krig i östra Ukraina.

      Memot beskriver en 3-stegsplan för den Ukrainska militären med etnisk utrensning, avrättningar, koncentrationsläger och andra trygghetsreformer...


  6. Just nu i Ukraina brinner skog rond gammal kärnkraft anläggningen där ngn gång på 80 talet var kärnkraftsolycka. Experter säger att marken och skogen där är radioaktiva och branden är okontrollerbar.... redan ... kan hända vad som helst, minsta möjliga som förväntas är bara radioaktiva moln över hela Europa och Norden. Kiev kriminella marionett gäng id-ter avvecklade brandkår pga brist på finansiering..... Det kan motsvara kärnvapen krigsföring om branden övergår till den gamla kärnkraftsanläggningen.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. CHERNOBYL FIRE COVERAGE: Fire is stopped 5 km away from nuclear waste repository



    2. Kiev debila sekt informerade att branden är bekämpat men de ljuger som vanligt.... den är utan kontroll....!

    3. Här är i a f en ny RT-video om branden


  7. här är info om branden i Ukraina:



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