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Gräsliga myndigheter? - Rick i USA fick 17 dagars fängelse för dåligt klippt gräsmatta

Gräsliga myndigheter och gräslig rättvisa? - Rick Yoes, en hårt arbetande amerikan, fick 17 dagars fängelse för han inte hunnit med att klippa sin gräsmatta enligt myndigheternas anvisningar...

Protecting and Serving:
Texas Man Thrown in Jail for Weeks because his Lawn was Overgrown

2015-04-05 The Free Thought Project
Grand Prairie, TX — A hard-working Texas man was thrown in jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest for an overgrown lawn.

Rick Yoes is the campus electrician for Tarrant County College and usually works from before sun-up to after sun-down.

In September of last year, he and his daughter had been hard at work and were unable to cut the lawn on their Grand Prairie home. The local government then claimed that because Yoes could not mow hiss lawn, he now owed them $1,700 for his grass that achieved a height of over six inches.

A warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest and police were dispatched to keep us safe from the dangers of this man’s lawn. Yoes turned himself in on Saturday.

- Unable to pay the fine, Yoes was forced to use up all of his vacation days and find a replacement for his position as he serves out his 17 day sentence in the county jail — to pay his debt to society.

“Yes, we should have been more on top of it, but we were so busy with work, and when we got a warning from the city we handled it,” Angle Yoes, Rick’s daughter told the Fresno People’s Media.

According to the Fresno People’s Media, Yoes is a dedicated worker often times offering to help outside of the description of his job or volunteering for extracurricular activities. In 2012 he dressed up in 1776 style regalia and read a copy of the constitution to the student body. Because of his dedication he is loved by faculty, and students.

In the Land of the Free you can be kidnapped and thrown in a cage for allowing the grass on your own property to grow past an arbitrary length set by the state.

Gräsliga myndigheter? - Rick i USA fick 17 dagars fängelse för dåligt klippt gräsmatta
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