fredag 11 november 2016

USA:s Demokrater i STORA Upplopp & Protester (mot DEMOKRATI?) - Cirkusen Sponsrades av bl.a. SOROS
Wikileaks Tweet - Kunde inte sagt det bättre själv;) - Hoppas bara Kanada snarast bygger en hög mur och posterar tungt beväpnade vakter som håller alla "flyende gråtande Clinton-amerikaner" borta.:). (...För sin egen trygghet, naturligtvis...)


DONALD TRUMP tackar Obamaregimen för alla GODSAKER de serverat på silverfat...
När Trump kommer till makten i januari så har han omgående ett stort antal spännande verktyg att använda för att "öka tryggheten" i USA. Och även Sveriges politiskt korrekt opinionsbildade fårflock har naturligtvis gjort sitt bästa för att ge partier som SD liknande roliga leksaker när de lyckas ta makten över vårt djupt sovande land... 

47% röstberättigade amerikaner RÖSTADE INTE i USA-valet!! Blev "FUCK RULERS" största parti..?
Närmare 47 procent av alla röstberättigade amerikaner
valde att inte lägga sina röster på "den minst onda djävulen" eller på den garanterade "status quo" som systemet i USA erbjöd väljarna. Uppenbarligen så anser 100-tals miljoner människor i USA att nuvarande system inte har något att erbjuda dem. "Fuck you Rulers & vote nobody 2016" blev således överlägset största parti, med stöd av nästan halva den amerikanska befolkningen...

USA:s Demokrater i STORA Upplopp & Protester (mot DEMOKRATI?) - Cirkusen Sponsrades av bl.a. SOROS
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Section 13. Parasitic System
    Subsection 13.11. Zionism
    The rabbi Hodos convicts the Jewish fascism
    Eduard Hodos, on November 13, 2016 -The Jewish fascism – an inevitable consequence of "selectness"
    Social parasites easily deceived Jews and forced them to do that was necessary for them. Therefore Jews already one thousand years fanatically destroy our civilization and thus thoroughly degrade. And in a different way also can't be...
    Rescue of the world from the Jewish fascism
    The author – Eduard Hodos, the head of the Jewish community of Kharkov

    "Yes, it I am a Jew Eduard Hodos, 14 years heading a community of the Kharkov Jews, I cause fire on myself and in the open I speak about the Jewish fascism, with which I also called the International anti-fascist committee in "Open letter" Therefore, dear veterans, the word "anti-Semitism" near the Jewish anti-fascist representing hundreds of tribespeople looks, to put it mildly, absurdly for fight".

    ""The protocols which appeared more than hundred years ago the sionskikh of wise men" is the in details developed action program of ultraorthodox sect of iudeonatsist which purpose is achievement of the world domination and submission of the power of all people-goyev (i.e. non Jews) by gradual destruction of their states, national culture and spirituality. The main tool Jewish Nazi, always preferring to remain in the shadow, are the masons recruited in underground army the zhidovstvuyushchikh of agents of influence.

    The plans stated in "Protocols the sionskikh of wise men" have pronounced misanthropic character and strike with the extreme cruelty and sophisticated cynicism. At the same time it is necessary to pay tribute to genius of their originators, to the smallest details who calculated each action which result looks as inevitable historical process, and the people of the sentenced states stay in illusion of naturalness of the events.

    But the most important – "Protocols the sionskikh of wise men" represent the exact scenario of development of the world events occurring in the last some centuries, including also today …"

    Eduard Hodos. The book "When Jews march..." p. 15, 16.

  2. ....
    "Russia involved by the present American-Israeli allies in "fight against world terrorism" more and more opposes itself to the Muslim world and everything uvyazat in the course of "palestinization" more deeply. And very few people think of that the last is only logical continuation of process of "izrailezation" of Russia which for some 13 years destroyed that was created decades, devastated and demoralized the great country, and its people tired out in a slave stall and put on a survival side. And only when the Russian people up to the end realize to whom it is favorable, the present situation will change for the better and absolutely return process – process of clarification, revival and return of the country "on the party of angels", so, and rescue of the world from the Jewish fascism …" will begin

    Eduard Hodos "Jewish "Northeast"


    Two years ago materials from the book "Axe over Orthodoxy" were published in several issues of the SO newspaper. The author of the book struck readers with the deep analysis of a situation in the most ultraorthodox Judaic sect Chabad which ideology is based on the principles of iudeo-Nazism. Safely and rigidly the author exposed methods and ways of the management of sect of the proteges around the world, heads headed by the last representative from a religious dynasty Lyubavicheskikh Reba – Menachem Mendel Schneersonom whom, after his death fanatic admirers brought to Moshiakh's level, i.e. Messiahs.

    E. Hodos's books "The power of werewolves", "Judas's Coming", "The Jewish syndrome – 1,2,3", "The Jewish roulette" and others disperse from improbable speed. The last from them – "The Jewish blow, or P-dets crept imperceptibly (A monologue with a loop on a neck)" left this year and as if summed up the result of 10 years' fight of Jew Hodos against Jews-habadnikov.

    Quite so, the most amazing and paradoxical in this phenomenon: Eduard Hodos – the Jew and it personally blessed Shneerson in 1991 in New York!



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