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SEX-DOCKOR från Japan erövrar världen? - PUSSY RIOT på riktigt "the next BIG thing"

Ett japanskt företag har startat serietillverkningen av superrealistiska sexdockor med ett nästan mänskligt utseende. De tidigare "uppblåsbara Barbaras" kommer sannolikt snart att förpassas till närmsta sopstation, åtminstone om man tror på reklamen;) Som en värdig avslutning på inlägget presenteras en video om en man i Japan som blivit hopplöst förälskad i sin docka. - Nuförtiden verkar nästan ingenting omöjligt så vi ser kanske "the next BIG thing?" - Japanska SEX-DOCKOR erövrar världen...

Super Realistic Japanese Sex Dolls

Publicerades den 28 juni 2016 IN THE NOW
A Japanese company has launched the production of disturbingly lifelike sex dolls. High quality silicon makes authentic skin feel and their eyes look almost human. The adverts claim that the customers “will never want a real girlfriend again” after the purchase of these dolls.

Most Realistic SEXX Dolls Ever – Dutch Wives

Publicerades den 19 aug. 2014 InformOverload
A Japanese firm alleges to have reached the next stage in creating the most-real looking sexx doll that comes whole with genuine looking eyes and realistic feeling skin.
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Married Japanese Dad Falls In Love With A Sxx Doll, Takes It Shopping - Senji Nakajimna

Publicerades den 1 juli 2016
Read More: http://www.nollygrio.com

Despite being married with two children, 61-year-old Senji Nakajima admits that his heart lies with his sex doll, Saori.

Senji first started his life with Saori six years ago. Living away from home due to work, he used to imagine that the ‘love doll’ was his first girlfriend – and used it solely for sexual purposes in order to fill the loneliness void within.

After months of spending a lot of time with the the silicone doll, the Japanese man began noticing that it had what he calls an ‘original personality’.

With this fresh in his mind, he decided to start a relationship with it.

Speaking of his motionless partner, Senji sounds like he might have had a tumultuous love life.

‘- She never betrays, not after only money,’ he said. ‘I’m tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless.’

He continued: ‘For me, she is more than a doll. Not just silicone and rubber. ‘She needs much help, but she is still my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.’

To prove his love to Saori, for what reason we do not know, Senji makes sure to show that in no way is he embarrassed to be dating a doll. He takes her out to the shops in a wheelchair and buys her clothes.

And Senji is not alone in deciding to take on a rubber girlfriend. An increasing number of men have taken on the Lars And The Real Girl approach to the dolls, transporting them around town and treating them to trips.

As well as spending money on Saori, which he says he enjoys doing because it is by his own volition and not because it is demanded of him, Saori says he also enjoys real intimacy with the doll. The pair also enjoy an intimate closeness, sharing a bed and taking baths together.

Since growing closer to Saori, Senji says he no longer feels she is a doll. When he washes her, he no longer feels she’s made of plastic. He sees her not as a doll, but as a human.

These silicone dolls can cost up to £4,000, and are sold under the name Dutch Wives, which is a Japanese term for a sex doll.

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SEX-DOCKOR från Japan erövrar världen? - PUSSY RIOT på riktigt "the next BIG thing"
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    JACKSON, Miss. (CN) — A federal class action filed more than a decade after the Supreme Court struck down state sodomy laws challenges a Mississippi statute that requires people convicted of having anal sex to register as sex offenders.
    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of five Mississippi residents who say they were convicted under various sodomy prohibitions, including the “unnatural intercourse” law, and Louisiana’s “crime against nature by solicitation” law.
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