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Målade USA om sina stridsplan för att sprida mer "DEMOKRATI" i Syrien i Rysslands namn?

Det har rapporterats på olika sajter och webbforum om bilder på amerikanska stridsplan som målats i ryska färger för att likna ryska plan. Det spekuleras lite här och var om USA tänker "sprida mer demokrati" till något syriskt sjukhus eller barnhem i Rysslands namn...

US Air Force Caught Repainting Several Jets To Appear Russian
By Whitney Webb
Last week, a Canadian journalist published pictures of the US Air Force repainting their F/A-18 jets to match the paint scheme of Russian jets currently deployed in Syria.

Though the journalist, Christian Borys, suggested that the unusual paint job was due to standard military “aggressor squadrons” war-games meant to simulate engaging “the enemy,” some have speculated it could be proof of an imminent false flag meant to justify US “boots on the ground” in Syria. Regardless of whether it is standard procedure or indicative of an impending false flag, either threatens to worsen what is already an increasingly desperate geopolitical situation that could easily develop into full-scale, global war.

Aggressor squadron have indeed been a part of US military war-games since the late 1960s. Planes that are painted to appear as the “aggressor” employ enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures in order to offer US soldiers a realistic simulation of air combat. During much of the Cold War, many of these “aggressor” planes were also painted in Russian colors to simulate combat encounters anticipated with the Soviet Union.[...]

- A false flag in which jets disguised as Russian aircraft savagely bomb Syrian civilians would be just what the Obama administration has been waiting for ever since the conflict began in 2011.

Such a bombing, regardless of whether or not it is staged, would allow the US to justify military action against both Russia and the Syrian government and pursue its long-admitted goal of regime change in Syria. Whether the painted jets will be used for such a nefarious purpose is hard to say as both possibilities seem equally likely considering the dangerous and high-stake situation at hand.

Yet, regardless of the real motivation behind the paint job, both possibilities sadly seem to lead toward the same, terrifying conclusion: war is on the horizon.[...]

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Målade USA om sina stridsplan för att sprida mer "DEMOKRATI" i Syrien i Rysslands namn?
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