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"Polisens Stora Feta Grekiska Neo-Nazist-Parti" Golden Dawn 3:e störst - 50% polisröster 2012

"Polisens Parti" Golden Dawn, blev nyligen Greklands 3:e största parti efter valet som vänstern och Syriza vann förkrossande. 2012 röstade över hälften av den grekiska poliskåren på Golden Dawn. Det betyder att över 50% av poliserna i Grekland röstade på ett Neo-Nazistiskt parti...(+video)

Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn becomes 3rd biggest party

Publicerades den 27 jan. 2015 IN THE NOW
As Syriza are celebrating their massive win in pulling voters to the left in Greece. 
The sun is rising for far-right "Golden Dawn" party. The extreme nationalists used to be the fifth largest in parliament. It's now the third biggest party in Greece after Sunday's election. The Nation magazine's Maria Margaronis is In the NOW from Athens.

Minst 50 procent av Greklands poliskår var nazister 2012-2013 

+50% av Greklands poliser är nazister

RT 2012-05-16
Över hälften av alla poliser i Grekland röstade på det nazistiska partiet Golden dawn i valet den 6:e maj 2012. http://undermattans.blogspot.se/2013/06/minst-50-procent-av-greklands-poliskar.html
RT 2012-05-16
More than half of all police officers in Greece voted for the far-right ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn – described by many as neo-Nazi - in the elections on May 6. This gave them a record 7 per cent of the vote, securing 21 seats in parliament.
The analysis published by the country’s To Vima (The Tribune) newspaper reveals much of the contribution came from the country’s police officers.

The journalists studied the voting results in several constituencies in Athens, where 5,000 police officers in service in the Greek capital cast their ballots.

At some polling stations, the party obtained a striking 19 to 24 per cent of votes. According to the newspaper, at the 11 polling stations (numbered from 806 to 816) located near the police station Ellas, the neo-Nazis received most votes. The four polling stations located near the riot police station MAT, used by the police, recorded percentages of between 13 and 19.

The newspaper underlines these figures are impressive.

Based on the electoral lists, 550 to 700 people voted at each of these voting stations, of which 20 to 30 per cent were police officers.
The newspaper then calculated that 45 to 59 per cent of police officers voted for Golden Dawn. [...]


"Polisens Stora Feta Grekiska Neo-Nazist-Parti" Golden Dawn 3:e störst - 50% polisröster 2012
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