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- Vem överlever längst under 2017 - Amerika eller Donald Trump? (...och hur länge överlever världen?)

De Amerikanska webbjournalisterna på Storm Clouds Gathering och Truth Stream Media ger oss sina synpunkter om framtiden för både Amerika och Donald Trump under 2017 och framåt. - Vem överlever längst Trump eller Amerika...? ...Och hur länge överlever resten av världen?

President Trump - The Trap is Set

Publicerades den 17 jan. 2017
The Trump years are going to be crazier than you think.
Sources and Transcript:

Last Minute Change in Security at Inauguration Reminiscent of JFK in Dealey Plaza

Publicerades den 15 jan. 2017 Truthstream Media
Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective right in the middle of the ceremony the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

The termination is unprecedented and out of decorum with such a high state function taking place, raising serious concerns about the vulnerabilities and gaps in security on such an important day. Not saying that anything is going to happen, but it's hard not to notice and raise questions when the scenario is being made plausible.
Twitter: @TruthstreamNews

 - Vem överlever längst under 2017 - Amerika eller Donald Trump? (...och hur länge överlever världen?)
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. The 58th Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump (Full Video) | NBC News

    Efter Trump först talade judisk Rabbin- det betyder att rabbinat godkände Trump, men då kommer frågan fad är det för hacka /överenskommande som står bakom!!!????

    ... det blev motstånds demonstranter som organiserades av sionister som samlade alla psykisk sjuka och de som de kunde muta eller köpa, som de slussade in i inhyrda bussar:

    ... där även terrorister, div.judiska-nazister viftade med röd/svarta fanor:

    MASS CHAOS: DC Protesters Take To The Streets After Donald Trump Inauguration

    Det sionist ägda media jämförde bilder på innaguration av Trump med Obama men lögnaktiga media gjorde bilder för Trump tidigt på morgonen förre folk fyllde in alla platser... och med detta falska lögnen de försökte påverka människor:
    Lögnaktiga feik media igen!


    ... de bara glömmer att säga att judinor och action spånsrad och organiserad av sionister....satanister

    Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

    Hollywood är utom sig själv, då de är rädda att den satanist organisation blir ställd till rätta av den nya administrationen... krigar mot Trump i full fart:
    Judar-sionister/rasister som feta pratkvarn M.Moor och R. de Niro vill fortsätta få floder av pengar för ingenting och vara sponsrade för degraderings agendan:
    samt debiliserad och ner-prostituerad Madonna vill fortsätta känna pengar för ingenting ... talanglösa degradanter:

    Mainstream media now worse than PRAVDA… indy media leaders call on President Trump to classify CNN, WashPost and NYT as ‘subversive propaganda’

    Satanist Voodo-galen Obama fortstt med galenskaper i den sista:
    Video: Blame Putin: Obama Scapegoats Russian President For Decline In Relations

    "Obamacare Website Costs Exceed $2 Billion, Study Finds"

  2. BRAVO TRUMP! Kraft tag mot mördare - Satanister!

    War with vaccination and globalists! Trump ordered to FBI to carry out raid in headquarters of CDC (video)

    nearly two weeks ago Trump appointed the activist of the movement against vaccines Robert F. Kennedy - younger the chairman of Target group on safety of vaccines (Chairman of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force). The destroying Robert F. Kennedy Jr. manifesto under the name "MERCURY AND VACCINES" shocked liberal elite in America which within decades intentionally poisoned millions of children. Along with it in 1986 the president Clinton signed the law called by National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 which excludes any responsibility of pharmaceutical producers for their partnership in this crime against humanity. ...

  3. Now that Trump is president the real horse trading begins

    Now that the Trump regime has formally been installed, the real battle over the future of the planet earth can begin in earnest. On the one side we find the Western military industrial complex and on the other we find the ancient bloodline families. Another way of putting it is the battle is now between those who have the guns and those who control the butter (money) supply. Yet a different lens for analyzing the upcoming struggle is to see it as China (Asia) vs. the US (the West), however that is too simplistic. The “West” as things now stand includes Japan plus North and South Korea and maybe even Vietnam while “Asia” includes Germany and other Rothschild controlled nation states. ...

  4. forts.
    The first real thing Trump did after assuming power to was to go to CIA headquarters with his praetorian guard. On the surface, he promised the CIA “1000 percent support,” while underneath the surface, according to the Pentagon sources Trump gave the CIA an ultimatum to “stop drugs, arms, children trafficking, droning, lies, dirty tricks, political corruption, subversion and to focus on human and open source intelligence for the whole of the government and to provide counterintel on rivals and Israel or else.”

    The Trump military government is also planning to force military contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin to cut fraud, waste and abuse and “they may even be nationalized like in Russia,” the sources say.

    The hand-over of the drug-dealing part of the CIA’s Mexican henchman Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman just in time for the Trump presidency was timed to send a clear message, they say. Guzman is telling all he knows about where all the secret Nazi faction drug money is flowing, they say.

    The bloodlines families are not taking this all without a fight and have been financing and organizing anti-Trump demonstrations around the world. They are also using their -most likely soon to end- control of the giant media corporations to mount a major psychological war on the Trump regime.

  5. "Having A Vagina Is Not Enough" - One Woman's View Of The Million-Pussy-March

    Russian Factory Mints One-Kilo silver ‘In Trump We Trust’ Coin

  6. Israel Could Attempt To Kill Trump If He Doesn't Fall In Line: Analyst

  7. Trump skall sänka FN finansiering med 40% !!!!

    Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties

  8. OBS!!!

    Inte många som känner till att "enkel man" från Bruklin... Trump är ättling av en av grundarna av den gamla "Knights Templar" Orden och närmare Trump är ättling av Knights Templar Riddare och Kommendör Hugo Salma.
    (info kommer senare)

  9. BRAVO Trump! Sionist NWO lögner och krigs hets borde hävas!!!

    Tramp förbereder dokument om ensidig och omedelbart upphävande av sanktioner mot Ryssland!!!!!

  10. Trump Strategist Stephen Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’

    ... “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while,” Mr. Bannon said in an interview on Wednesday.

    “I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

    The scathing assessment — delivered by one of Mr. Trump’s most trusted and influential advisers, in the first days of his presidency — comes at a moment of high tension between the news media and the administration, with skirmishes over the size of Mr. Trump’s inaugural crowd and the president’s false claims that millions of illegal votes by undocumented immigrants swayed the popular vote against him.

  11. forts.:
    “The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong,” Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”
    “The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” Mr. Bannon said. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: They were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.” (He did not name specific reporters or editors.)

    “That’s why you have no power,” he added. “You were humiliated.”

    “You’re the opposition party,” he said. “Not the Democratic Party. You’re the opposition party. The media’s the opposition party.”

    “The paper of record for our beloved republic, The New York Times, should be absolutely ashamed and humiliated,” Mr. Bannon said. “They got it 100 percent wrong.”

  12. Ukraine's Problem is Ukraine

    Ukraine’s government has hired Washington lobbyists to fix its problems with the Trump Administration, but would do better to fix its internal problems, instead. Ukraine’s problems are in four categories: a structural problem caused by the multiple overlapping entities involved in military strategy and procurement; the absence of a unified strategic vision for ordering equipment and supplies; a “Fifth Column” of pro-Russian officials; and a staggering corruption that divides the self-interest of the elites from the national interest.

    ... If Ukraine’s leaders do not stop the corruption, the inefficiency, and the ridiculous turf battles, they will no longer have a country to loot, which may be what it takes to get their attention. The incoming Trump Administration and the Congress should condition aid on reform and transparency, as suggested by Rex Tillerson in his confirmation testimony in the Senate. Honest Ukrainian patriots should embrace those conditions, force out the kleptocrats, and lead the reform.

    Trump tillsätter kommission som skall granska Obamas regering pengtraksationer till Ukraina!!!!!!

  13. CEO Tells People ‘Rest Easy,’ Predicts Trump Assassination Within 100 Days

    Neocons- Satanist- globalist-sionist gänget vill mörda Trump!

    Ex-Obama Official Suggests ‘Military Coup’ Against Trump


    Editor and publisher of the left-leaning German newspaper Die Zeit Josef Joffe has said that “murder in the White House” could be a way to end the “Trump catastrophe” on a German television programme.

    Nearly 100 SWAT and campus police sitting inside the student union building doing NOTHING while people were getting beaten outside. WHO told them to stand down?

    GB spion Still (sionist) skriver skvaller ang. Trump

    Ron Paul warns of imminent economic collapse to be blamed on Trump instead of the Fed



    Dumt att fortsätta ljuga...

    The armored vehicles and troop carriers had arrived four or five days ago, said Talal Silo, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance, which includes the Kurdish YPG militia.



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