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Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25 / Saltwater

2 Musikvideos med Julian Lennon. - Saltwater, en nyare animerad videoremix, plus det klassiska originalet från 1991...

Julian Lennon - Saltwater 25


Julian Lennon - Saltwater

Publicerades den 22 mars 2012 Johnse09 (jodemi22)
"Saltwater" is a 1991 song performed by English singer, songwriter, and musician Julian Lennon. It was written by Mark Spiro, Leslie Spiro and Julian Lennon. Originally released on the album Help Yourself, it topped the Australian singles charts for four weeks and reached #6 in the UK.

Unlike most of Lennon's previous songs, "Saltwater" combines subtle melodies with gentle vocals to bring forward the issues of environmental conservation and world poverty. The lyrics juxtapose the many marvels and feats of human civilization with the death of the natural world, constantly emphasising the passing of time - 'Time is not a friend, 'cos friends we're out of time'
Julian Lennon - Saltwater / Saltwater 25
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