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Uppgifter: Fransk TERRORHÄMND för TERROR i Paris: - BOMBADE civila mål & SJUKHUS i SYRIEN

Anti-ISIS aktivister i Syrien uppger att både sjukhus, stadium, museum, och politiska byggnader har träffats av bomber efter att Frankrike påbörjat olagliga militära hämndattacker mot ISIS i Syrien. Enligt aktivisternas rapporter så har Syriens civilbefolkning på olika platser i landet blivit utan både vatten och elektricitet p.g.a. bombningen...

"Pitiless war": - Illegal French airstrikes on Syria hit stadium, museum, clinics

2015-11-19 sott.net
Anti-ISIS activists in Syria claim a stadium, a museum, medical clinics and a political building have been hit after France launched airstrikes in retaliation for the Paris terror attack.
Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group of anonymous activists inside the ISIS stronghold, wrote that heavy strikes had been taking place since this morning. The group began documenting the airstrikes at around 8am and said it had increased to "30 airstrikes" this evening. No civilian casualties have been reported yet, according to the group.

A spokesperson for the group suggested it was France who were behind the bombs. They said water and electricity was cut due to the strikes. They added: "It's sad how it always falls on our heads, god bless and safe [sic] the civilians of Raqqa."

France retaliated to the Paris terror attack by launching deadly airstrikes on an Islamic State jihadi training camp in Syria tonight. Yesterday French president Francois Hollande vowed to crush the extremist group who massacred 129 people on Friday night.

Less than 24 hours later, some 10 fighter jets pummeled the ISIS-held city of Raqqa with at least 20 bombs, according to the French defence ministry. The jets hit a command and control center, jihadi recruitment center, munitions depot and a training camp. 

81 PROCENT av SYRIENS FOLK säger USA SKAPADE ISIS: "Stor Undersökning utanför MSM-matrix"

Stor undersökning: HELA 81 PROCENT av människorna i SYRIEN säger att ISIS skapades av USA och att terrorgruppen består av utlänningar (=betalda legoknektar). Mainstreammedia gör givetvis sitt yttersta för att rädda ISIS heder genom att demonisera Ryssland som bombar terroristerna till småbitar. Detta eftersom media byggt upp varumärket ISIS åt CIA under lång tid...

Uppgifter: Fransk TERRORHÄMND för TERROR i Paris: - BOMBADE civila mål & SJUKHUS i SYRIEN  
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