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Anonymous "Million Mask March 2015" - Folk i Mer än 600 Städer Över Hela Världen Deltar!

Den 5:e november 2015 hålls Anonymous "Million Mask March" i minst 600 städer över hela världen!
- Kolla in Anonymous "Promo-Video" om bakgrunden till eventet...

Anonymous Million Mask March 2015 promo video

Publicerades den 12 juli 2015
Greetings world. We are anonymous. #millionmaskmarch

January 17th, 1961; President Eisenhower warned the world of the impending threat posed by a disastrous rise of misplaced power involving the military industrial complex. Three months later, President John F. Kennedy would make an address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association; Emphasizing the need for a free and independent press. Making it clear that censorship and the act of covering up mistakes is unacceptable, especially in what's suppose to be a free and open society.

Nevertheless, over 54 years later, it's clear that while some circumstances have changed; The same warnings still very much apply. The unfortunate and honest truth is that the very censorship and misplaced power the citizens were warned about 54 years ago, we're seeing occur today in the present. When the warnings of the past are ignored, history is doomed to repeat itself.

We now face a dilemma unfamiliar to any previous human civilization, we face this dilemma not simply as a community, nor a nation; Rather collectively as a planet. We have something no previous generation has ever had, the internet. 
- This year you are invited to stand against censorship and tyranny, corruption. war. poverty. 

Millions will unite around the globe on the 5th of November to make their voices heard and let the various governments of the world know that they'll never stop the free flow of information. it must be clear by now that governments don't work for the interest of the people, but for big banks and corporations. do you or your children really wanna live in a world, wear the government spy on its own citizens en see you as a potential terrorist or criminal.

The internet is one of the last truly free vessels that we the citizens have access to. We've stood as one against SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, and the TPP. We'll continue to stand as one against internet censorship! the million mask march will take place On Nov 5 2015 in cities around the world! The outcome relies on you.

united as one. divided by zero.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us!

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2015 Million Mask March - Live updates RT
Anonymous-inspired activists are taking to the streets across the globe as the Million Mask March circles the world. Hiding behind symbolic Anonymous masks, the demonstrators are protesting censorship, government corruption, and police brutality.
Läs mer:
Anonymous Prepares for in Over 600 Cities Worldwide. 
Anonymous "Million Mask March 2015" - Folk i Mer än 600 Städer Över Hela Världen Deltar!
'Journalism is printing what someone else does NOT want printed: - Everything else is public relations.'

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  1. Police plan Westminster lockdown ahead of ‘Million Mask March’

    Thousands of extra police officers and rigid public order rules will be brought into Westminster on Thursday night over fears the London leg of the global “Million Mask March” against austerity and state surveillance could spill over into civil unrest.

    Organized by the global activist network Anonymous, the march has become an annual event. Last year’s protest saw scuffles between police and activists, who wore the distinctive Guy Fawkes masks adopted as the movement’s motif.

    The Metropolitan Police claims demonstrators will target particular businesses and may cause damage to property.

    It says it has briefed potentially targeted firms and has promised a “significant policing operation.”

  2. --The Western World Has Been Lost To Evil--

    The Western World Has Been Lost To Evil Pray For The Success Of The Million Mask March

    The post The Western World Has Been Lost To Evil appeared first on


  4. OBS! översätt den video av f.d. säkerhetsvakten vid kriminella Kiev Sionist Junta som sysslar med att stjäla mänskliga organ och mörda människor som befinner sig i östra Ukraina..... det är internationella ligor och organ går till USA och Europa..... de mördar som vuxna som barn.... det är mördande och läkare som gör det är inflyttade från Holland..... I Ukraina pågår mördande och slakt samt organ stöld tar industriella mått... det är värre än koncentrationsläger....

    .....officiella medier är tysta om detta!

  5. Det handlar om att ta sig det fria ordet och vara levande efteråt.
    Att vara anonym och tala är en säkerhet.
    En riktig Anonymous är en som är anonym även för dom spanande på internet som tex fra.
    Sedan är det många som är anonyma enbart för den stora massan av åskådare medan myndigheterna vet deras namn.
    En spontan folkrörelse som går över gränserna och domänerna.
    Folk har rätt att prata med varandra även om deras överordnade förbjuder.
    Koncentrera er på kina jag ligger lågt lite till.
    Acroth Nilsson



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