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- Vem ringer man till när en "inbrottspolis" kommer på besök? - Polis i tjänst var även tjuv

...Vem ringer man egentligen till när en "inbrottspolis" kommer på besök? Den rutinerade USA-polismannen Brian Barker, 41, var både polis och inbrottstjuv i polisuniform samtidigt. Snacka om att kunna kombinera sysslor på ett kreativt sätt...
Enligt åtalet hade Brian Barker även stulna vapen i sin ägo. Tjuv-polis-mannen hade arbetat inom poliskåren i över 20 år.
 Blir speltillverkarna snart tvungna att sätta 2 poliser på omslagen till liknande spel?
Illinois cop charged with burglarizing homes and businesses while on duty and in uniform
Källa: BND  /BLN
Officer Brian Barker, 41, of Moro was initially charged with burglary, a Class 2 felony, and official misconduct, a Class 3 felony. He was accused of entering Reality Salon in Edwardsville on Sunday and stealing money from the register while on duty. 
Prosecutors since have added another 12 charges: 10 counts of burglary, targeting Edwardsville businesses since 2012; one count of residential burglary of a home in Moro, a Class 1 felony; and one count of aggravated possession of stolen firearms, a Class X felony.
Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said Barker was found in possession of seven stolen firearms, which had been stolen from individuals and from businesses. The businesses listed in the indictments include Edison’s Entertainment, multiple law offices, The Little Gym, Extreme Vapor, Edible Arrangements, Headstrong Hair, Afsanehs Alterations and Pedegos.

- Once the salon reported the burglary and Edwardsville Police determined that the suspect was one of their own, Gibbons said, Chief Jay Keeven immediately turned it over to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department for an independent investigation.

Barker was being held on $175,000 bail but he has since posted bond, Gibbons said. Barker has been placed on administrative leave without pay.

Barker could not be reached for comment Friday. Gibbons said he is not sure whether Barker has hired an attorney.

Gibbons said the situation was “really awful.” He was not sure how long Barker has been a police officer, but believed it was at least 20 years.

“We put all this trust, faith and power in police officers, but with that comes gigantic stresses,” he said. “When they breach that trust, it’s so much worse ... The magnitude of this breach of public trust necessitates a very harsh penalty, and we will be seeking prison time.”

The charges of residential burglary and possession of stolen firearms cannot carry probation, and the latter carries a minimum six-year sentence up to 30 years, Gibbons said. The burglary charges carry penalties ranging from probation up to 15 years.

Read More...http://www.bnd.com/2014/12/26/3581192_edwardsville-police-officer-charged.html?rh=1

- Vem ringer man till när en "inbrottspolis" kommer på besök? - Polis i tjänst var även tjuv  
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