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Värre misshandlad än Rodney King - åtalad för ha "krossat polisernas händer med sitt ansikte"

Kolla in berättelsen om Robert Leone, en amerikansk man som blev värre systematiskt torterad och misshandlad än, Rodney King under 11 timmar av USA polisen. Sedan blev Robert Leone bl.a. åtalad för att ha "krossat polisernas händer med sitt ansikte." Robert har hållits inlåst i över 2,5 år av amerikanska myndigheter för att dölja rättsapparatens utstuderade sadistiska kriminalitet...
- Lär aldrig barn att det inte finns monster. 

- Åtminstone inte innan de sett den här videon och hört berättelsen om Robert Leone...

Man charged with breaking a trooper’s fist with his face
Police State USA 2014-10-24
BRADFORD COUNTY, PA — A motorist was viciously beaten, tasered, and maced repeatedly, then charged with 24 separate crimes and maliciously prosecuted for every one of them.

He was beaten four (4) times over the course of 11-hours, and not once had he acted maliciously.

The incident stemmed from his driving while on an unusually high dosage of legally-prescribed bipolar medication and a subsequent fender bender.

Dash-cam footage revealed the extraordinary exaggerations made about the case — 2 years after it took place.
Läs hela historien här:

Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King
- The Robert Leone Story

Publicerades den 20 juni 2012
Dashcam of BRUTAL beatings by cops after stopping the wrong man. Pennsylvania State Police pursued Robert for a MINOR traffic violation that he apparently DID NOT commit. 

While Robert was detained he was nearly killed by the police while they executed their form of street justice. He suffered through 11 hours of multiple beatings.

He was tasered at least 10 times.

He was also chemically maced.

He spent more than 2 1/2 years in JAIL.

Robert was charged with felony assault on a police officer because the officer broke his hand when he punched Robert in the head with his fist while he was being detained!

- This is part of a BIGGER story of police brutality, corruption, and official coverup throughout the Pennsylvania judicial system.

This video is chapter one of this story - visit http://worsethanrodneyking.com to watch this story unfold and to participate in the discussion.

After I released this video it quickly went viral. The reaction to this video has been a public firestorm of protests and demands for investigations - and yet the police involved are still on the street.

They have NOT been punished in any way. Sadly, not a single politician has taken a stand by publicly speaking up.

You are the key.

The officials in Bradford County Pennsylvania will do nothing. Only public reaction will get results - so please "like" my Facebook page and participate in the discussion!

MORE INFORMATION AND UPDATES: http://www.worsethanrodneyking.com
Värre misshandlad än Rodney King - åtalad för ha "krossat polisernas händer med sitt ansikte"
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  1. -Cops Called For Wellness Check Beat Innocent Man, Pile On False Charges; Jury Exonerates, Twice-

    2014-12-17 InformationLiberation

    Texas police executing a wellness check flashbanged an innocent man as he lay naked in his bathtub, then beat the hell out of him claiming he pulled a shampoo and body wash bottle on them.

    Police working with prosecutors then vindictively concocted a series of false charges to hit the man with, accusing him of the very crime they themselves committed, namely assault.

    Their victim was Chad Chadwick, a father with a spotless record who says he's done everything he can in life to be a good person.

    After bankrupting him completely forcing him to defend against two felony charges of "assaulting a police officer," a grand jury said he broke no laws and all charges against him were dismissed.

    Not content with allowing their victim to escape, prosecutors indicted the innocent man a second time on misdemeanor charges for "resisting arrest," after another tumultuous trial where more than a dozen police testified against him, another jury exonerated him.

    Despite this all, the prosecutor says he stands by his decision to prosecute his victim, and when the news media asked him how much his prosecution cost taxpayers, he crassly told them he "wasn't keeping a tally."

    The vindictiveness of police and government prosecutors knows no bounds.[...]




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