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Grisigt? Kvinna matade "grisar" i polishus med bacon - Arresterad trots "gudomlig vägledning"

Börjar polisstaten tära på psyket hos undersåtarna i USA?  24-åriga amerikanskan Lindsay McNamara, arresterades efter att hon försök mata grisar i Framinghams polishus med bacon och korv. Enligt uppgift så träffades minst en polisman av baconskivor...(video)

Kvinnan släpades senare  framför en domare och valde då att representera sig själv utan advokat.

- Lindsay förklarade att Gud gett henne uppgiften att mata "grisarna" i polishuset.

-Det är i publiceringsögonblicket fortfarande något oklart om bacon och korvar blev uppätna av de utfodrade...


Woman Arrested After Throwing Bacon in Police Department to "Feed the Pigs"

Publicerades den 26 dec. 2014
A Massachusetts woman was arrested after walking into the Framingham Police Department, throwing around bacon and sausage, and ranting that she needs to “feed the pigs.” 

Lindsay McNamara explained in court, “God told me to come over there and feed the pigs.” And that’s what she, apparently, did.

As one police lieutenant explained, she just walked up to an officer at a desk behind a glass window, said she was going to “feed the pigs,” then proceeded to throw the raw meat around and smearing it onto the glass. 

McNamara said she believes “somebody is out to get me” and the judge in her case decided to order a mental health evaluation.

Woman Launches Raw Meat Assault On Police Station, Claims God Told Her To "Feed The Pigs"

InformationLiberation 2014-12-28 By Cassandra Rules

Framingham, MA– Lindsay McNamara of Ashland, Massachusetts, is being charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property after bringing a Dunkin Donuts box filled with raw bacon and sausage to the Framingham Police Department to “feed the pigs” on Friday morning.

“She walked into the lobby and was carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts box, walked up to the window, when the officer greeted her asked if he could help here she said ‘I’m here to feed the pigs,'” Framingham police Lt. Harry Wareham told WCVB.

The 24 year old woman then began to throw the raw pork products at an officer and smear the grease on the window, stating that god told her to do it. [...]

While this act of civil disobedience was pretty funny, up there with the man who paid his ticket in 137 origami pigs made from dollar bills inside a Dunkin Donuts box- the judge was not as amused and has ordered a mental evaluation before her arraignment.[...]


Grisigt? Kvinna matade "grisar" i polishus med bacon - Arresterad trots "gudomlig vägledning"

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  1. -Social Control in America, Police Enforcement of “Minor Crimes”-

    Broken Countries Policing

    Despite being disproven as a strategy for reducing crime, the broken windows policing theory is still utilized in New York and throughout in the United States to crack down on disorder and nonviolent crime.

    To think that harsh enforcement of this type of “crime” would prevent serious crime like homicide and assault is patently absurd on its face.

    If you want to rid society of the most serious crimes, you should be enforcing the most serious crimes, like aggressive war.

    Call it broken countries policing.




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