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USA: Polis misshandlade och sköt 76-åring med elpistol - vid trafikkontroll

Polisen i USA misshandlade och slängde en 76-årig man i marken. Polisen sköt sedan 76-åringen med elpistol. Händelsen inträffade vid en simpel trafikkontroll i Texas...Bild: Raw Story + video

Cop Tasers 76-Year-Old For Questioning His Questionable Traffic Stop

2014-12-15 Informationliberation / Raw Story  
Texas police officer Nathanial Robison, 23, was placed on administrative leave last Friday after police reviewed video of the officer tasing elderly 76-year-old Pete Vasquez for questioning his questionable traffic stop.

Robison pulled Vasquez over because he believed he was driving with expired tags, which is a Class C misdemeanor, the penalty for which is a citation.

Vasquez protested the officer's stop saying the tags were unnecessary because it's a new car and therefore exempt from having fresh tags, a police investigation later confirmed this to be the case.

Nonetheless, rather than actually look up the law, the young cop chose to lay hands on his elder in an attempt to place him under arrest. When Vasquez "resisted" the officer's assault, Robison responded by throwing

Vasquez to the ground and tasing him repeatedly.

- Witnesses Larry Urich, seen on video yelling at the officer, says he asked the officer,

"- What in the hell are you doing?"
"- This gentleman is 76 years old!" Urich said.

"The cop told me to stand back, but I didn't shut up. I told him he was a g-------- Nazi Stormtrooper."

The cop then cuffed Vasquez and drove him to the hospital. Crucially, for whatever reason the officer elected not to cite Vasquez for having committed any crime.

Of course, if he had the charges would have been a fraud, but it's generally routine for police to charge their victims with a laundry list of felonies to intimidate them into taking a plea deal rather than face trial.

While filing false charges is a felony for your average pleb, police in practice are exempt from such trivialities.
Seeing as the cop was a relative rookie with only 2 years on the force, it's possible he hasn't yet learned proper procedure.


 USA: Polis misshandlade och sköt 76-åring med elpistol - vid trafikkontroll
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  1. --Texas cop tasers elderly motorist over license plate sticker--

    The Victoria Police Department in Texas is under fire after one of its officers reportedly used a Taser against a 76-year-old man who was stopped for a vehicle inspection issue over his license plate.

    However, there was no need for the man to be stopped in the first place.


  2. -Texas Cop Fired After Tasing 76-Yr-Old For Driving With 'Expired Tags' That Were Perfectly Legal-

    ...New vehicles do not require fresh tags, cop was ignorant of the law.

    2015-01-05 InformationLiberation

    It took almost a month, but the young punk cop who tasered a 76-year-old man for questioning his questionable traffic stop has finally been fired, the Victorian Advocate reports.[...]




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