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USA: Polisman med egen porrsajt låtsades vara kvinna - sög av 60 män genom hål i sin vägg

Konstapel David E. Cerna drev en egen porrsajt på webben parallellt med sitt polisarbete. Den amerikanske polismannen utgav sig för att vara kvinna och lyckades suga av minst 60 män genom ett hål i väggen på sitt hus. Polisens spelade även i hemlighet in sina tungakrobatiska övningar med främlingarna och lade sedan ut filmerna på sin porrsajt...
Torskarna lockades både genom annonser på porrsajten och vid polismannens speciella trafikkontroller i tjänsten.

David E. Cerna har nu arresterats av andra poliser och anklagas för olagliga inspelningar samt en mycket stor mängd sexualbrott, bl.a. mot minderåriga.

Polismannen har enligt den amerikanska nyhetsartikeln terroriserat en hel kommun med sina upprepade sexualbrott...

Kolla även in videon längst ner som beskriver en rad andra brott och perversiteter från polismannen. 

Konstapel David E. Cerna har erkänt huvudbrotten enligt åtalet...


Cop Admits To Posing as Woman To Give 60 Men Oral Sex Through A Hole… But There’s More
The Free Thought Project 2015-10-20
Chesterfield, MO – A Missouri police officer has recently been exposed as a sexual predator who terrorized his community, and this week he has pleaded guilty to the first of the charges against him. 

Although a recent investigation has revealed that former Chesterfield police officer David E. Cerna is connected with a number of different sex crimes, the first charges against him stem from a scam that he ran on craigslist where he pretended to be a woman and lured straight men to his home for anonymous oral sex.

On the website, the 34-year-old police officer would offer free oral sex and send them a picture of a woman that he claimed to be, but when the men arrived at his home, he said he would only perform the act anonymously, through a hole in the door. 

- At least 60 straight men were coaxed into this situation and were recorded by Cerna, who later posted the videos on pornography websites. 

He was later charged with invasion of privacy for recording and publishing the sex acts and plead guilty this week.

However, the resulting investigation uncovered even more evidence of wrongdoing on the part of officer Cerna, including at least one circumstance where an underage boy was arrested and sexually assaulted on camera.

The investigation also showed that Cerna had placed a spy camera in the bathroom of a local convenience store and posted those recordings on porn sites as well. It was suggested in some reports that the sites were actually owned by Cerna, meaning that he was profiting from them as well.

After the investigation was made public, Attorney Gonzalo Fernandez pointed out that there were likely many underage victims that were directly assaulted by Cerna while he was on active duty.

“In fact the contact would often be initiated by him performing some sort of traffic stop. Some of these people are minors… I know one of them was as young as 16, Fernandez said.

“David Cerna kind of took it upon himself to walk through various bedrooms of the house by himself, which at the time seemed strange to the family and now knowing what they do about his propensity for clandestine filming, you wonder,” he added.

The mother of the victims reportedly said, ‘It`s messed my son up horribly.  He is paranoid all the time, thinking that someone is watching him, all the time.  He won`t sleep alone.  He thinks people are after him all the time.”

The investigation into the full extent of Cerna’s crimes is still ongoing, and it is unclear exactly how much time he will be facing.

USA: Polisman med egen porrsajt låtsades vara kvinna - sög av 60 män genom hål i sin vägg
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