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USA: Sheriffen sköt kvinnlig mäklare i magen mitt under husvisningen - "Tillståndet kritiskt"

Den amerikanske sheriffen Victor Hill påstår att det var ett pinsamt misstag när han sköt en kvinnlig mäklare i magen mitt under hennes husvisning inför ett antal fullständigt förskräckta husspekulanter...
Fastän mäklarens tillstånd är kritiskt och den stackars kvinnan är döende så, har sheriffen inte anklagats för något brott och han är fortsatt ute i friheten, eftersom han är "sheriff."

Sheriff Shoots Real Estate Agent as She Shows House, then Walks Away because “He’s the Sheriff”
2015-05-04 The Free Thought Project
Gwinnett County, GA — Clayton County Sheriff, Victor Hill, has not been charged with a crime and was allowed to leave the scene after shooting a woman in the stomach on Sunday.

According to Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Brian Doan, Hill accidentally shot a woman at a model home located at 2567 Britt Trail Drive in Lawrenceville at around 7 p.m. Sunday.

The woman Hill shot is in critical condition at Gwinnett Medical Center. She was the real estate agent who was showing the home. How someone can “accidentally” shoot a woman as she shows a house remains a mystery.

- When police arrived on the scene they said Hill refused to cooperate with the investigation and did not give a statement nor answer any questions.

- Citing the fact that he was the sheriff, Hill simply left the scene.

- Let that sink in.

This man shot and may have killed a woman as she was showing a house to two potential home-buyers. He gives no reason as to why or how he shot her and simply leaves.
Put the average citizen in Hill’s shoes and contemplate the multiple scenarios unfolding as police arrive on the scene. None of those scenarios end with the shooter walking away from police and living to talk about it.

As protesters take to the streets around the country, many people are still left wondering where that anger originates. Well, this incident epitomizes that anger.

There are two “justice” systems in this country; one for the ruling class and one for everyone else.
Prior to the sheriff crossing paths with this woman she was alive and well, and now she is not. Regardless of intent, a woman’s life is on the line and it’s only because of this man. At the very least, he should be charged with negligence, and at most, attempted or actual murder. And, had he been an average citizen, he would have been.

To top this off, Hill was re-elected to his position as sheriff while he was facing 37 charges of corruption. After his re-election, he was acquitted on all charges.

The jury acquitted him after Hill claimed he had the right to use county vehicles, credit cards and take pleasure trips with former female employees, including to gambling casinos, because he was sheriff 24/7, 365 days a year and was always on call.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/sheriff-shoots-real-estate-agent-shows-house-walks-hes-sheriff/
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