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USA: Ondskefull polis åtalas - Nöjessköt småflickor med luftgevär från sin veranda

En genomrutten ondskefull amerikansk polis åtalas för att i fyllan ha roat sig med att skadeskjuta småflickor med luftgevär från sin veranda. Flickorna spelade volleyboll när skotten plötsligt yrde omkring dem och även träffade de stackars terroriserade småflickorna...

Vicious Cop Charged After he was Caught Hurting Young Girls by Shooting Them with a BB Gun
2015-05-23 The Free Thought Project
Oneida, TN — Oneida Police Lieutenant Michael Wilson has been charged with assault after he was caught shooting at girls as they played volleyball.
One of his victims, 17-year-old Addison Caldwell, recounted the frightening details in an interview with WVLT.

“We were just playing volleyball and all of the sudden I just heard a ‘gun-click’ sound and I was just freaking out because it was so fast and then all of sudden, something hits my leg,” she said.

“- My daughter came running in here saying ‘mom something got me in the back of the leg’ and yelling there’s a man shooting us and of course I’m like ‘oh my gosh what’s going on?’,” says Caldwell’s mother, Angela Gulley.

“We kept hearing metal. I guess it was from the garage; it kept hitting the garage,” Caldwell recalled.

“He’s a lieutenant and I don’t think that’s right for him to be doing that,” she said.
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USA: Ondskefull polis åtalas - Nöjessköt småflickor med luftgevär från sin veranda
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