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De 20 bästa leksakerna för alla barn - som verkligen vill chocka sina föräldrar

De 20 bästa leksakerna för alla barn som vill chocka sina föräldrar, för livet...


20 Most Shocking Children’s Toys Ever Made

Publicerades den 6 aug. 2014 Wacky Wednesday
From fake poo children can mold into various shapes to World Trade Center Toys and racist Barbies, We count 20 of the most shocking children’s toys ever made.  

 De 20 bästa leksakerna för alla barn - som verkligen vill chocka sina föräldrar
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  1. Military Recruiting Increasingly Aimed at Children

    Source: All Gov.

    Once it was tobacco companies targeting minors with cartoon characters.

    Now the U.S. military is similarly going after those too young to enlist, but old enough to begin forming impressions about whether they’d like to sign up for a tour of duty.


    A study (pdf) by Joseph A. Rosendale and Mary Beth Leidman of Indiana University of Pennsylvania shows that military recruiters are adept at using social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to hone in on possible recruits. [...]





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