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Greenwald: USA skapade nya falska terrorhot för opinion för Syrienbombning - "Khorasan??"

Glenn Greenwald: - USA & media hittade på nya falska terrorhot för att "äntligen" få bomba Syrien, vilket amerikanerna strävat efter under ett flertal år. “The Khorasan Group” dök upp från ingenstans och påstods vara ännu farligare är ISIS (...som i sin tur påståtts vara ännu farligare än al-Qaida)...

Khorasan Group:
- A fake threat meant to scare the US into war


Fake Terror Threats

ISIS utgjorde ändå enligt många experter inte något verkligt hot för USA:s nationella säkerhet. Så för att snabbt och lätt ändå få opinion för att bomba Syrien utan FN och tillstånd från kongressen, så krävdes något nytt terrorhot att visa upp för världen.

Ett av problemen med den nya jättefarliga "super-terrorgruppen" är pinsamt nog att folket i Syrien aldrig verkar ha hört talas om “The Khorasan Group,” före USA avslöjade för alla att den fanns...

...För att få till den rätta "stämningen" i artikeln om kriget mot terror så har bloggen lämpligt nog även lagt in videos från bl.a. ACDC & "Team America."

Pentagon War Plans in 2001: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, & Iran

Publicerades den 24 sep 2014

U.S. General Wesley Clark (ret.) revealed that he was informed, in the days following 9/11/2001, that the U.S. was planning wars with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, & Iran.

"Team America: World Police" - Official Trailer 


2014-09-28 Glenn Greenwald / Infowars
As the Obama administration prepared to bomb Syria without Congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.
The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.”

- After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda!

– administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.

- The unveiling of this new group was performed in a September 13 article by Associated Press. who cited unnamed U.S. officials to warn of this new shadowy, worse-than-ISIS terror group...

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America, Fuck Yeah! Ultimate Edition


Greenwald: USA skapade nya falska terrorhot för opinion för Syrienbombning - "Khorasan??"

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  1. War on ISIS and Media Lies: The Comic Book Simplicity Of Propaganda

    By Media Lens

    The referendum campaign on Scottish independence heightened many people’s awareness of thepro-elite bias of the ‘mainstream’ news media. The grassroots power of social media in exposing and countering this bias was heartening to see. But the issue of independence for Scotland is just one of many where the traditional media consistently favour establishment power.
    The essential feature of corporate media performance is that elite interests are routinely favoured and protected, while serious public dissent is minimised and marginalised. The BBC, the biggest and arguably the most globally respected news organisation, is far from being an exception. Indeed, on any issue that matters, its consistently biased news coverage – propped up, by a horrible irony, with the financial support of the public whose interests it so often crushes – means that BBC News is surely the most insidious propaganda outlet today.
    Consider, for example, the way BBC editors and journalists constantly portray Nato as an organisation that maintains peace and security. During the recent Nato summit in Wales, newsreader Sophie Raworth dutifully told viewers of BBC News at Ten:
    ‘Nato leaders will have to try to tackle the growing threat of the Islamist extremists in Iraq and Syria, and decide what steps to take next. (September 4, 2014)
    As we have since seen, the ‘steps’ that were taken ‘next’ meant a third war waged by the West in Iraq in just 24 years.[...]




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