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De kostymklädda psykopaternas magiska trick - för att starta bankirernas nästa lönsamma krig

Världens högt ärade ledare tillsammans med diverse EU-bihang, fortsätter sitt sökande efter nya krig och konflikter för att hålla dollarn vid liv och allt annat på planeten mer eller mindre döende. Samtidigt pågår den sedvanliga teatern, d.v.s. kampen mellan det onda och det goda, som vanligt i mainstreammedias ignoranta la-la-värld...
De skogstokiga psykopaterna avslöjar stolt sina magiska trick för att motivera den ignoranta flocken att oavbrutet kriga och dö i bankirernas roliga schackspel...

How to create an Angry American

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"A clever montage of Bush administration falsehoods and denials regarding the Iraq War."
~Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan and President of the Global Americana Institute

Simple Card Tricks for War

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Psychopath War Criminals Obama, Kerry:
‘You don’t invade a country on phony pretext’

March 8, 2014 - Source: Washington's Blog
(Originalvideo: 10-minute video: Obama and the War Criminals)

Psychopath: diminished empathy and remorse, disinhibited behavior, meanness, criminality, violence, disregard for moral beliefs, untruthfulness, superficial charm and good “intelligence.”

War Crime: serious violation(s) of the laws of war giving rise to individual criminal responsibility, often in concert with Crimes Against Peace for Wars of Aggression and Crimes Against Humanity
You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. This is an Act of Aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. It’s really 19th Century behavior in the 21st Century.” – US Secretary of State, John Kerry on Meet the Press, March 2, 2014.

“The steps Russia has taken are a violation of Ukaraine’s sovereignty, their territorial integrity – a violation of international law.” – US President Barack Obama, March 3, 2014
US political “leadership” are psychopathic War Criminals because:

So, what do we do as Americans in support of the US Constitution? 

The American public has a HUGE opening to voice their demands during the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action that begins ~April 4 on the anniversary of Martin King’s assassination by the US government (civil court trial verdict), and completing ~July 4. The purposes of the 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action:

USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War

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This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. Battleship Maine, Sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty (not covered in this clip), 911 ... The film is "The New American Century".
This film goes in detail through the untold history of The Project for the New American Century with tons of archival footage and connects it right into the present.

This film exposes how every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. This film shows how the first film theaters in the US were used over a hundred years ago to broadcast propaganda to rile the American people into the Spanish-American War.

This film shows the white papers of the oil company Unocal which called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan and how their exact needs were fulfilled through the US invasion of Afghanistan. This film shows how Halliburton under their "cost plus" exclusive contract with the US Government went on a mad dash spending spree akin to something out of the movie Brewster's Millions, yet instead of blowing $30 million they blew through BILLIONS by literally burning millions of dollars worth of hundred thousand dollar cars and trucks if they had so much as a flat tire.

"A stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet. I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years.

Maybe until the war criminals have been brought to trial." - Ken Loach

While Massimo Mazzuccos first political documentary, GLOBAL DECEIT (2006), focused on the long list of inconsistencies in the official version of the 9/11 attacks, THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY explores the historical, philosophical and economic background that suggests a matrix for such events that is much closer to home than the so-called "Islamic terrorism".

The film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events.

News Your Mother Warned You About!
Credit: http://revolutionarypolitics.tv/video...

Help Obama Kickstart World War III!

Publicerades den 9 sep 2013 The Second City Network
President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!
De kostymklädda psykopaternas magiska trick - för att starta bankirernas nästa lönsamma krig

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  1. http://alethonews.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/china-wont-support-sanctions-against-moscow/




    "Our nation has wisely avoided entangling itself in the system of European interests, has taken no side between its rival powers, attached itself to none of its ever-changing confederacies." -- Thomas Jefferson to Baltimore Baptists, 1808.

    MIT Scientist: By 2025, Half the Kids Born in the U.S. Will be Diagnosed with Autism

    Sep 21 14:55 MIT Scientist: By 2025, Half the Kids Born in the U.S. Will be Diagnosed with Autism according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She, like many others says autism isn’t just genetic – it is almost surely due to environmental factors. Just a couple of those factors are Monsanto’s RoundUp (glyphosate) and heavy exposure to a cocktail of heavy metals, including aluminum.




    Illegal Bombing of Syria and Media Reaction

    Militants Say U.S. Drone Crashes In Syria




    Projected US nuclear weapons spending hits $1 TRILLION – just five years after Obama's Nobel Peace Prize


  2. Mossad rekryterar med sexig reklam:

  3. http://alethonews.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/the-israeli-offensive-on-gaza-caused-full-or-partial-damages-to-75-kindergartens-and-day-care-centers/




    Probably number 1 political issue for long time @nytimes: You can't feed a family with G.D.P. http://nyti.ms/1r5C119 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BxsriW6IYAAExcl.png:large


  4. “Greater Israel” or “Greater Khazaria”?

  5. senaste information på löpande från självförsvar av "Novorossia"/Donbas och dess ledning (för de som kan förstå eller har möjlighet att översätta):






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