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Imperiets demokratiska världsturné 2013 i samarbete med Israel, Saudi och Sverige

En kort sammanfattning av imperiets fredskrigsansträngningar de senaste åren... Imperiet har tillsammans med lydstater som Sverige, Frankrike, Storbritannien, m. fl. arbetat väldigt hårt för att sprida demokratin över resten av världen... Imperiets hemliga demokratiska samarbetspartners Saudiarabien, Israel, Qatar m. fl. har också hjälpt till för att göra det hela lite extra demokratiskt...
Imperiets demokratiarbete: - En medveten ödeläggelse av oberoende nationer med hjälp av al-Qaida...

Publicerad den 28 okt 2013
A series of bomb attacks across Iraq has left at least 66 people dead... and dozens more wounded. 
Most of the blasts targeted Shiite-Muslim districts around the capital, Baghdad. The Iraqi government blames the daily attacks on Sunni Islamists linked to Al-Qaeda. We discussed the situation with journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark... He believes the U.S. is simply not interested in curbing Al Qaeda's influence in the region.

LIBYEN - två år av fullständig kaos, anarki och folkmord på svarta...

Publicerad den 23 okt 2013
Today marks the two-year anniversary of the "liberation" of Libya. That country has seen increased violence and turmoil in those two years since NATO and the United States launched a military operation to assist the rebels in deposing Muammar Gaddafi. From clashes to political corruption to terrorism, there are serious questions about Libya's future. RT's Sam Sacks reports.

LIBYEN: Mainstream undviker att rapportera om Libyen för att de tillsammans med krigsindustrin orsakat ännu ett blodigt helvete för civila...

Publicerad den 23 okt 2013
The US-led NATO intervention in Libya ended two years ago with the death of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi. Since then, Libya has seen increased violence and turmoil.

David Swanson, journalist and author of "War Is a Lie," says that the average person in Libya is worse off than they were before the international community involved itself in the country's civil war. Swanson joins RT's Meghan Lopez to discuss what it's like on the ground in Libya today and what lessons the US has learned from its involvement.


IRAK: USA-ledda sanktioner och krig har mördat fler barn än förintelsen vid WW2

USA:s sanktioner och krig mot Irak under 90-talet fram till idag, har mördat fler barn än den s.k. förintelsen under WW2. USA:s f.d. justitieminister, Ramsey Clark, intervjuas av Abby Martin och berättar om folkmordet i Irak som utförts av USA och väst påhejade av mainstreammedia...

Madeleine Albright Says Deaths Of 500,000 Iraqi Children Is Worth It; UN Sanction Genocide...


Former US Attorney General:
- US Sanctions Are Genocidal

Publicerad den 17 sep 2013
Abby Martin speaks with former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark, discussing Iraq before the first Gulf War, his opinions on Syria, why he legally represented Saddam Hussein, and how US sanctions have a far greater negative effect on people than on the regimes of the countries these sanctions target.

Originally aired on RT, September 16, 2013


Resultatet av USA:s 13-åriga krig i Afghanistan:
- Den globala opiummarknaden säkrad...

USA och NATO har krigat under 13 år i Afghanistan... - Vad handlar det egentligen om..? (video)
Resultatet av USA:s 13-åriga krig i Afghanistan:
- Den globala opiummarknaden säkrad

Failure to Withdraw: The CIA, the Taliban, and the Strategy of Tension in Afghanistan 

Publicerad den 17 sep 2013
CONTINUE WATCHING: http://ur1.ca/fl7aq
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=8016

By any reasonable standard, the US-led NATO-powered invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, now entering its 13th year, has been an unmitigated failure. Of course, NATO does not measure the outcome of its mission by reasonable standards. They have their own entirely different yardstick by which they gauge their operations, and by that standard, the Afghan war has been an unqualified success.



Heroinproduktionen i Afghanistan 40-dubblades efter NATO:s invasion


George Galloway: USA, Saudiarabien, media och al-Qaida slåss tillsammans för demokratin i Syrien...

Publicerad den 6 sep 2013
Abby Martin speaks with UK Parliament Member, George Galloway, about Syria war propaganda and his upcoming film 'The Killing of Tony Blair'.

Damascus Violence Part of US "Negotiations" Strategy 

Publicerad den 28 okt 2013 by: GlobalResearchTV
The US is determined to strengthen the hand of the Syrian rebel forces in advance of any peace talks in order to change the alignment of forces. The recent violence could be part of that strategy, Brian Becker, Director of Answer Coalition, told RT.


Imperiets demokratiska världsturné 2013 i samarbete med Israel, Saudi och Sverige

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  1. Suicide bomber kills at least 30 in Syria - state media

    October 20

    A suicide bomber driving an explosive-laden truck which killed at least 30 people and wounded dozens in the government-held Syrian city of Hama, state media reported.

    "A terrorist car bomb explosion went off near an agricultural vehicle company on the edge of Hama city," SANA news agency reported.

    The vehicle employed in the attack was reportedly packed with 1.5 tonnes of explosives. The explosion apparently set a nearby fuel truck on fire, increasing the damage and casualties, the agency added.

    The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the "violent explosion shook the Sinaa highway in Hama city moments ago, followed by intense gunfire."

    "At least 31 people, including regime troops, were killed when a man detonated a truck laden with explosives at a checkpoint near an agricultural vehicles company on the road linking Hama to Salamiyeh," the British-based group said.

    They said the death toll is likely to rise, as dozens were wounded in the blast, "some of them in critical condition".

    Images broadcasted on Syrian TV showed firemen battling to extinguish a massive blaze as black plumes of smoke rose from charred trucks and cars.


  2. -Conspiracy Theorists Are the Greatest Challenge to Democracy … According to … Here’s who …-

    Oktober 29

    Have you ever come across an imperialist who was keen on activists challenging the establishment?

    British establishment mouthpiece BBC leads the way again.

    This time it is about the biggest threat to democracy today. No, it is not terrorists. No, it is not Islamism.

    And, no, it is not the Western-Installed Dictator Regimes around the world. No, no, no, no, no.

    The new enemy is the conspiracy theorists. It is those who question their governments. It is those who find facts and confront the mainstream lies and liars such as BBC.

    Basically, it is you … and me.

    Allow me to wade through all the fillers and present you with a few telling excerpts from this BBC report:

    Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy? [...]

    - See more at: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2013/10/29/conspiracy-theorists-are-the-greatest-challenge-to-democracy-according-to-heres-who/#sthash.oKSVFO7l.dpuf


  3. Syria- 9/11, WW3 and the 3rd Element (Full Documentary)


    Israel and FSA Proxies Attacks Syria - Retaliate or Perish


    AIPAC: Inside America's Israel lobby


    Phil Tourney's speech, USS Liberty survivor, at the No More Wars for Israel conf


    Full Disclosure: What the Media Isn't Telling You About War in Syria


  4. -Libya in anarchy two years after NATO Humanitarian Liberation-

    October 4, 2013

    By F. William Engdahl

    In 2011 when Muhammar Qaddafi refused to leave quietly as ruler of Libya, the Obama Administration, hiding behind the skirts of the French, launched a ferocious bombing campaign and a “No Fly” zone over the country to aid the so-called fighters for democracy. The US lied to Russia and China with help of the (US-friendly) Gulf Cooperation Council about the Security Council Resolution on Libya and used it to illegally justify the war.

    The doctrine, “responsibility to protect” was used instead, the same doctrine Obama wants to use in Syria. It’s useful to look at Libya two years after the NATO humanitarian intervention.



  5. -Ex-Guantanamo detainee dies fighting Assad in Syria-

    Carol Rosenberg
    September 18, 2013

    Islamic opposition group in Syria has posted a video of the funeral of a former Guantánamo prisoner, the first known report that one of the 500 or so captives released during the Bush administration joined the Syrian insurgency to topple Bashar Assad.

    The Syrian Islamic Movement posted the video Monday on YouTube. It shows the body of a fallen fighter in his 30s or 40s and a rebel leader, Sheik Abu Ahmad al Muhajir, eulogizing the man as Mohammed al Alami, a Northwest African veteran of the jihad in Afghanistan “who went through hardship for the sake of God in the prison of the Americans in Guantánamo for five years.”

    U.S. Defense Department officials who help track released Guantánamo detainees had no comment Tuesday.[...]

    Read more


  6. --1000+ killed: October Iraq’s deadliest month since 2008--

    RT November 01

    Iraq has just experienced its deadliest month in five years with over 1,000 killed amid spiraling violence, a topic that will rank high in talks between Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and President Barack Obama in Washington on Friday.

    The spike in deaths for October has created an atmosphere of anxiety and fear amongst the population since most of last month’s victims were civilians, according to government figures.

    A total of 855 civilians, 65 policemen and 44 soldiers were killed, according to information from the Iraqi ministries of health, interior and defense, released on Friday.

    According to data gathered by iraqbodycount.org, an independent organization that tracks the death toll in the country, the preliminary death toll in Iraq for October is 1,095 - the highest since April 2008, when 1,273 people were killed.

    Of the 1,600 people who sustained injuries, 1,445 were civilians, while just 67 were soldiers, and 88 policemen. The data also showed that 33 fighters were killed and 167 arrested.

    The grim data was released as Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is in Washington for a meeting with President Barack Obama on Friday.[...]



  7. --Iraq in ruins: Post-war life overshadowed by crumbling infrastructure, corruption, poverty--

    RT May 17

    Despite Iraq being rich in natural resources and the US pouring money into its economy for over a decade, Iraqi infrastructure is constantly failing and the people are forced to beg, as RT’s Lucy Kafanov reported from the war-torn country.

    Bombings in Iraq here:

    In spite of billions of dollars spent on reconstruction following the decade-long conflict, many neighborhoods lack sewerage systems and trash collection services. In some settlements, there are barely any streets. Water is also a big problem, locals pointed out.

    “Nobody drinks the city water because we know it’s not clean. Since the war, I’ve had to rely on bottled water. What comes out of the tap is contaminated and makes us sick. How can we drink it?” local resident Umm Muhammad indicated.

    Central power is another issue, with the system sometimes on for as little as two hours a day.

    Electrician from Baghdad Abu Meria is sure the new government is to blame for the chaos that reigning in his homeland.

    “It's the citizens who suffer in the end, not the government. The services are so bad and the power system has really deteriorated. There were billions spent on fixing the grid but there’s little to show for it.”[...]




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