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Rapport: ÖVER 55 000 AMERIKANER DÖDAS eller skadas allvarligt av POLISEN i USA - VARJE ÅR

En ny rapport som bl.a. publicerats på "British medical journal Injury Prevention" avslöjar att en god bit över 55 000 amerikaner varje år dödas eller skadas så pass allvarligt att de får läggas in på sjukhus, efter närkontakt med den amerikanska polisen. Ett flertal länder i världen varnar nu officiellt sina medborgare för amerikansk polis vid resor till USA...

More than 55,000 Americans were either killed or injured by US police in just one year, a new study has revealed.
RT 2016-07-27 
Most of the deaths were from fatal firearm wounds or excessive use of taser devices.

The study, titled 'Perils of police action: a cautionary tale from US data sets,' covers the year 2012 and offers greater context to the issue of police brutality, which has only grown bigger in the four years since the research.

Published in the peer-reviewed British medical journal Injury Prevention, the study found that a total of 55,400 people were victims of police officers' “abuse of power” or “loss of control out of anger or fear" in 2012.

Among them, 1,063 people were either shot or tasered to death by law enforcement, out of an estimated 12.3 million arrests or stop-and-search incidents.

On average, nearly 34 people were killed or had to seek hospital treatment for injuries sustained from police per 10,000 stops or arrests. [...]

"In 2015, there were 1,207 people killed by police across the US, according to Killed By Police resource data."


Every Week Gets More Orwellian...


Call the Cops - Rob Hustle ft. Bump

Call the Cops. - Musikvideo med Rob Hustle som berättar om vad som kan hända när man ringer polisen i USA och andra trygga västländer. Äventyret utspelas till inspirerande musik, utan extra kostnad. - RING POLISEN!! - Rob Hustle och "Call the Cops..."

Rapport: ÖVER 55 000 AMERIKANER DÖDAS eller skadas allvarligt av POLISEN i USA  - VARJE ÅR
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  1. Elderly man, 76, is in critical condition after being shot by state troopers in his own living room - before they realized they were at the WRONG address
    Gerald Sykes, 76, thought his home in Cumberland County, New Jersey, was being invaded
    State troopers, responding to the wrong address, thought he was a threat while they followed up on a hang-up 911 call
    They exchanged gunfire, and Sykes ended up in the hospital in critical condition after being struck by bullets
    Both troopers were treated and released from Inspira Medical Center


    Fullständig och slutligen seger av "DEMOKRATI" i USA:
    Court Rules That Kids Can Be Arrested For Burping In School. In an astounding decision, a federal appeals court has ruled that it was acceptable for an officer to arrest a 13-year-old seventh-grader for burping at a New Mexico middle school.

  2. California cops shoot and kill man, then claim he "lunged" at them with a knife

  3. Florida Cop Accidentally Shoots, Kills 73-yo Librarian As Crowd Watches in Horror




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