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"KRIGET MOT HÄLSAN" - Tillgänglighet av Vitaminer och Kosttillskott hotas för Amerikanerna

Kriget mot din hälsa är Gary Nulls intressanta dokumentär om  läkemedelsbranschens korrupta samarbete med myndigheter i USA (FDA) för att maximera bolagens förtjänst. Kosttillskott är bra för hälsan men mycket dåligt för läkemedelsbolagens förtjänst. Nya lagar hotar nu möjligheten för vanliga människor i USA att köpa sina kosttillskott inklusive olika vitaminer. När kommer "lydstaten" Sverige att följa efter?

War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA

Publicerades den 10 juli 2012
War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA. Posted with permission. A must-see documentary.  
*Vitamin D Resource Page

It is estimated that up to 85 percent of people have insufficient levels of vitamin D and are unaware of their deficient state.

While conventional media and medicine promote sun avoidance, doing so can actually put your health in grave danger and cause vitamin D deficiency.

The Role of Vitamin D in Disease Prevention

A growing body of evidence shows that vitamin D plays a crucial role in disease prevention and maintaining optimal health. There are about 30,000 genes in your body, and vitamin D affects nearly 3,000 of them, as well as vitamin D receptors located throughout your body.

According to one large-scale study, optimal vitamin D levels can slash your risk of cancer by as much as 60 percent. Keeping your levels optimized can help prevent at least 16 different types of cancer, including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, prostate, and skin cancers. Moreover, vitamin D can build your defenses against cancer by:

  • Enhancing the self-destruction of mutated cells (which can replicate and cause cancer)
  • Slowing down the production and spread of cancer cells
  • Helping in the differentiation of cells (cancer cells are not differentiated)
  • Preventing the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones (this can help stop the progress of benign tumors into cancerous ones)

Vitamin D can also help reduce the risk of other conditions as well, including type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, age-related macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness), and Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin D also exhibits its infection-fighting abilities in the treatment of tuberculosis, pneumonia, colds, and flu. It can also improve seizure control in epileptics.

While scientists refer to vitamin D as a vitamin, it is actually a steroid hormone obtained from sun exposure, food sources, and supplementation. Common types of vitamin D are vitamin D2 and D3. Compared to D2, vitamin D3 is 87 percent more effective, and is the preferred form for addressing insufficient levels of vitamin D.[...]
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"KRIGET MOT HÄLSAN" - Tillgänglighet av Vitaminer och Kosttillskott hotas för Amerikanerna
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