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10cc - I'm Mandy fly me - (Slavar flyger tryggt med United Fascist Airlines)

10cc - I'm Mandy fly me. En lämplig inledning till historien om den amerikanske läkaren som nyligen brutalt misshandlades och förnedrades av USA-Gestapo på ett United Airlines flygplan. US-Gestapo slog ut tänderna, bröt näsan och fixade en trygg hjärnskakning åt läkaren. Efter misshandeln så släpades läkaren av flygplanet, trots att han betalat biljetten och inte gjort något som helst fel. Kolla in Truthstreams video lite längre ner för hela historien...

Fly the Fascist Skies: Man Being Ripped off Plane Shows How Far Society Has Fallen

Publicerades den 10 apr. 2017 Truthstream Media
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Police forcibly remove passenger at behest of United Airlines in disturbing footage

A United Airlines passenger was pulled out of his seat and dragged along the aisle floor after the airline overbooked a flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky.

Sunday’s incident was shared online by fellow passengers who said the airline randomly selected customers to give up their seats and get off the plane so its own personnel could make it to work the next day.
Footage from the scene shows a man being forcibly removed from his seat by officers from the Chicago Aviation Police and dragged off the flight. The man refused to leave as he was a doctor and needed to be work at a hospital the next morning, according to passengers who uploaded videos.
RT 2017-04-16
United Airlines has been called out for the alleged gross mistreatment of a disabled passenger. Trey Harris, a former employee of both Google and Amazon, lives with spondylitis, a type of autoimmune spinal arthritis which makes it difficult for him to walk, requiring him to sometimes use a cane and sometimes a mobility device made by Segway.

Harris claims in a blog post that the airline refused to allow him to board a flight with his mobility scooter in spite of reassurances from US air transport authorities. UA also refused to check the scooter onto plane’s cargo hold as oversized luggage, claims Harris.

The airline is suffering a public relations nightmare of late, as it copes with the public outcry following the violent removal of a doctor and a clumsy half-apology by its CEO. And the sting in the tail, a passenger was stung last week by stowaway scorpion.


10cc - I'm Mandy fly me - (Slavar flyger tryggt med United Fascist Airlines) 
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  1. OBS! OBS! OBS!

    Russia forbade flight over the Russian Federation to the flight United Airlines. The strange virus is onboard found...

    ... - In strange and a little frightening leak from the confidential report of the Ministry of Defence of the USA less than 48 hours ago flight of the flight United Airlines over the Russian Federation going from from San Francisco (USA) to Shanghai (China) was forbidden under the threat of destruction of a board by forces of space troops.

    - ... Official sources claim that to the plane forbade to come nearer to Russia for "the diplomatic reasons ", however according to information leak aboard there were samples of a certain special virus which spectral analysis can indicate its extraterrestrial origin.

    The flight United Airlines Flight 857 is regular flight between San Francisco and Shanghai and it was always allowed to use air space of the Russian Federation that allows to reduce flight from 17 o'clock with refueling in Japan till the existing 13 o'clock.

    If to trust information leak from the American military, Russians have a certain confidential satellite "Angel Halo" (designated by NATO as "Object 2014-28E "), supervision over active points of the virus WSSV causing the extensive damage to trade of ocean shrimps focused on the region of the Pacific Ocean and occupied. Incidentally or not incidentally, but the spectral signature of a board came into the view of satellite sensors, having found presence of the certain biomolecules which aren't described at any biochemical databases.

    ... Fears of Russia concerning any kinds of the viruses (especially viruses of an unknown origin) going towards China are explained by a consequence of catastrophic flash of H7N9 in the Asian countries. It is the virus of so-called bird flu for the first time found in people four years ago

    Professor of the Hong Kong university Yi Guan and one of leading experts in the world on viral diseases, claims long ago that if the virus H7N9 will mutate further, it will kill the whole world sooner or later.

    ...According to the doctor of Yi Guan this virus poses big threat for mankind, than any other for the last 100 years.

    - According to leak, at a meeting of U.S. Presidents and China last week also the situation with this virus in which all intelligence services of the world are engaged was just secretly discussed.

    The site Deagel.com updated the forecast of population in 2024 recently. It foretells that more than 6,5 billion people (90% of mankind) will be dead within the next 7 years. And one of the scariest forecasts concerning the virus H7N9 concerns the European Union and the United States which, according to the forecast, will lose 400 and 250 million citizens respectively.

    As for why the western countries, according to forecasts, will most strongly suffer from H7N9 pandemic, is explained by that this virus quickly mutates and it is aimed at genetic markers, unique for the European ethnoses. The population in the Muslim countries is almost unreceptive to a virus. Such countries as Indonesia and Pakistan will give from year to year an increase in population while Europe and the USA will be almost completely destroyed.

    Elite about H7N9 knows everything long ago. For this reason they try to flood the USA and Europe with Muslim "refugees" who will support the vital infrastructure until elite hides in bunkers from the Apocalypse which stepped on surfaces. ......




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