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Rapport: Ku Klux Klan har terroriserat Amerika i århundraden före ISIS dök upp på kartan

Terrororganisationen Klu Klux Klan
har opererat i Amerika under århundraden före den mediehypade gruppen ISIS plötsligt dök upp på kartan och skrämde slag på amerikanerna. Frågan är varför inte något exotiskt fredsälskande land bombat eller invaderat USA för att hjälpa amerikanerna lösa det här långvariga terrorproblemet med KKK..?

FBI investigates possible lynching in Mississippi

KKK fliers left at Selma homes on 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'

KKK Was Terrorizing America Decades Before Islamic State Appeared
Huff post 2015-02-27
[...] "There's nothing you're going to see today that's not going to have already occurred in the U.S.," he said. "If you think of these groups that behead now -- first of all, beheading is barbaric but it's no more or less barbaric than some of the lynchings that occurred in the U.S."

The Ku Klux Klan was a domestic terror organization from its beginning, said Pilgrim, who finds it offensive when, after 9/11, some Americans would bemoan that terrorism had finally breached U.S. borders.

"That is ignoring and trivializing -- if not just summarily dismissing -- all the people, especially the peoples of color in this country, who were lynched in this country; who had their homes bombed in this country; who were victims of race riots," he said.

- Victims of lynching were often burned, castrated, shot, stabbed and, in some cases, beheaded. Bodies were then hung or dragged through towns for display.

Most of these atrocities occurred during the eras of slavery, Reconstruction and Jim Crow -- but not all.
It was 116 years after slavery and 40 years after Jim Crow when 19-year-old Michael Donald's body was found swinging gently from a Mobile, Alabama, camphor tree in 1981. A perfect hangman's knot containing 13 loops held the noose wrapped around his neck, and a squad of Klansmen stood on a porch across the street, looking on as the police gathered evidence.

Lynchings like Donald's exemplify the terrorist methods that have always been the "stock and trade" of the KKK, according to Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Michael Donald was sort of a classic case," he said. "It was real terrorism in the sense that Michael Donald was a completely random victim. He was completely unknown to his Klan murderers.

- He was simply abducted off the street and murdered in order to frighten black people."[...]
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 Rapport: Ku Klux Klan har terroriserat Amerika i århundraden före ISIS dök upp på kartan
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